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What’s possible with Webex Analytics?

  • 10 June, 2019

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One of the most essential roles an IT manager has is to monitor the usage of the technology he/she deploys is being used by employees of the organisation. This is important for a multitude of factors including planning, licensing, and productivity reviews. However, getting this data can sometimes be hard. Thankfully, when it comes to collaboration, Cisco has got you covered. Let’s take a look at what’s possible with Cisco Webex Analytics.

Webex Analytics

Webex Analytics is an extensive but simple to use tool that IT administrators have access to with their subscription to Cisco Webex. All you need to do is sign in the Control Hub via the cloud and find the option on the left labelled analytics. From here you can choose to see your organisation’s usage data for Meetings (Webex), Messaging (Webex Teams), Calling (Webex Calling), Care, and Devices. Regular reviews of this information will bring a host of different benefits that we’ll explore in this article.

Maximise productivity

The majority of the time, new software is introduced to businesses with the goal of improving staff productivity. In the case of the Webex suite of platforms, employees’ efficiency dramatically improves after deployment because of the reliability of meetings and the speed of Webex Teams. However, people are often reluctant to change even if it will improve the way the work. This can sometimes lead to a slower-than-ideal uptake of the new platforms.

With Webex Analytics you can easily see what aspects of the suite are being used and what parts are being ignored. This provides an indication of where IT managers should focus on providing further training to encourage adoption of the entire suite, in turn, improving the performance of the entire business.

For example, an administrator logs into Webex Analytics and they notice that their team in Manchester is using Webex Meetings far less than the other offices around the country which is worrying. He asks the employees if they are having a problem and they say they aren’t fully comfortable with how they should be using it. He arranges half a day of training for them. The problem is resolved, and the employees became more productive. This also stopped the employees using Shadow IT which is a big problem that businesses have when it comes to cybersecurity and data privacy. This is the power of Webex Analytics when it comes to improving efficiency.

webex analytics meetings engagement
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Enhanced planning procedures

Webex Analytics is an invaluable tool when it comes to planning new collaboration rooms or managing what you already have. You can easily see what devices are most used, so you know what the preference is among your employees. If you’re deciding to implement another Cisco Room Kit Mini or a Webex Share you can look at which one is being used the most and purchase more of that device.

You can also see which rooms are not being used regularly. From this, decisions can be justifiably made to update the room with more technology or give it a different purpose. Administrators are able to closely monitor performance and capacity to optimise the utilisation of resources as part of a proactive management approach. All data is presented in interactive data visualisations to enhance comprehension and assist in trend identification.

webex analytics meetings audio

Other benefits of Webex Analytics

Flexible historical reports – Webex Analytics offers very detailed data regarding every single meeting and call that occurs within your organisation for 90 days for the standard subscription. Higher subscription options store data for up to one year.

Drill-down capabilities – The in-depth information that is available is surprising to many people when they first see it. You can drill-down into specific meetings and see the users who attended, what time they came in and left, and the device and browser they joined from. This also allows for improved troubleshooting when it comes to meetings. You can simply search for the host’s email address or the meeting ID to rapidly find what you are looking for.

Data manipulation – The advanced engine that runs Webex Analytics allows administrators to manipulate data in real time through the reporting interface allowing them to identify trends and noteworthy points. The selection of any dataset will update the associated reports.

A final note...

Webex Analytics is very extensive and it’s impossible to cover everything it includes. The best way to learn what’s possible is to play around with it yourself and explore all the different options. If your interested in a demo of Webex or Webex Analytics, please click here to contact us. If you would like to try Webex for free, please click below.

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