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The Brand New Cisco Webex Desktop App

  • 22 August, 2018

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If you’re in the loop with Cisco, you’ve likely heard that there have been some huge developments recently within their collaboration portfolio, in particular, Webex. Cisco has combined their most popular communications clients to create a one-stop platform that completely streamlines collaboration and dramatically boosts productivity for businesses making use of it. The newest development in this area is the highly anticipated release of the Webex Desktop App.

So what’s new with the Webex Meetings and Events desktop application? This revamp brings a brand new user experience that provides simpler, more modern video meetings. Cisco says they have made these upgrades based on discoveries they have made whilst hosting an astounding 6 billion minutes worth of meetings per month.
Cisco has achieved a number of things with the release of this application. They have captured how people work in modern times and focussed their crosshairs on optimising the Webex experience to cater for this. Meetings are more intuitive. Your client is more personal. And users now have even more power to modify their experience to better suit the way they work.

Let’s take a look at what’s new with the Webex desktop app.

Video-centric experience for Webex meetings

The changes to video meetings in Webex don’t just make everything look more attractive, but they give the user a great deal of freedom in customising how their application looks and performs. There are many different styles of screen layout to choose from and options regarding meeting controls and settings are clearly visible when you need them, but not when you’re focussed on your discussion.

webex desktop app Video-centric experience for Webex meetings

Centralised management and event controls

As you can see below, all the buttons you need in order to run a productive and seamless meeting are available to you in one centralised menu. Need to record your meeting for later? Click, it’s done. Want to access the annotations? Just click the bar on the left. The menus are built to be extremely intuitive, you don’t have to be an IT expert to conduct a successful meeting.

webex desktop app Centralised management and event controls

Sharing on the Webex Desktop App

Modern meetings rely heavily on the transfer and sharing of documents so they can be reviewed, discussed and improved. Webex Meetings and Webex Teams were already fantastic tools to assist people in doing this but it just got even better.

webex desktop app sharing documents

Video only layouts

The new layouts to Webex desktop app make video calling even better. The application detects who is speaking and highlights their camera in an intelligent way. You can also video call with up to 25 people simultaneously using the grid layout.

webex desktop app video only layout

Video and sharing layouts

With this update comes the ability to easily choose how you want to view content. This enables you to work better and pay attention to shared documents and speakers based on the layout you choose.

webex desktop app video and sharing layouts

If you like what you have read about Webex and want to try it out for free, we can offer you a free trial of Webex. We will assist throughout the trial period to ensure you benefit from all the features available to you. Please click below to reach out to us.

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