Security Introduction

The higher the technical complexity within an organisation, the more specialized security platforms  in their function to provide the best value. There is no monolithic “Security” approach. As you’re now managing multiple platforms under the Security moniker, it’s critical to align with a vendor that is able to stich the different components together and correlate the data between them.

Cisco’ approach to security is a modular approach where the various products align to different use cases but have tie-ins to each other. This gives the customer better flexibility in their approach while ensuring no technology sits on an island and needs a lot of manual intervention.

We thought breaking the concept up into five sub-categories would be of assistance. You can choose the area of security you are interested in below.

Network Security

Our Network Security solution was carefully designed to fight the widest variety of threats possible. It includes both hardware and software technologies to instill confidence that your network is locked down.

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Access Control

Access Control is the visibility of who and what is accessing your network. Our solutions in this area are recognised as some of the most robust and secure in the industry and enables you to to set granular permissions.

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User Security

Our User Security solutions were carefully chosen to provide complete protection for your users, their endpoints and their online activity. With the rise of BYOD, securing these aspects is more important than ever before.

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Application Security

Your business applications need to be secure and this must be a constant effort. Our Application Security solutions provide the highest level of visibility and protection, even when it comes to encrypted traffic.

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Cloud Security

A common misconception is that cloud providers are responsible for security of your data. Securing your cloud data falls on you. Our Cloud Security solutions provide full visibility of where, when and who has visited your network.

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We start by asking “what business compliance needs are we trying to solve?” That is the conversation catalyst from which we can align your goals to a set of products, processes or services. We then ask the question “How will this impact operations?” Security tools are generally the most orphaned products in an organisation. With a Compliance and Operations priority focus, we can rule out the solutions that would negatively impact either and increase the chances of a successful adoption.


The integration into the environment and dependencies are often the difference of an impactful security implementation or a collection of standalone services that are difficult to correlate. We work backwards from the furthest point of impact and work closer to the solution core. This allows us to identify the unforeseen impact on users or devices and plan for it. All setup is documented with instructions and screenshots.


We perform quarterly reviews as part of any implementation that allows us to help you establish a repeatable process that ensures the security estate is healthy and well optimised to protect against all possible threat vectors. The quarterly business reviews are also a great opportunity to review the compliance changes in the organisation (corporate and regulatory) that could require an alteration within the security. As an extension of your team, we’re there to help navigate the security landscape.

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