Unified Collaboration Introduction

Our collaboration portfolio is separated into four categories; Call, Chat, Meet, and Contact Centre. Each page provides an overview of the the most well-regarded platforms available.


In each category, you will find products that will perfectly satisfy your individual business needs, whatever your size, requirements and budget. We will work closely with you to build a solution which accurately suits your business environment by utilising our extensive experience in providing tailor made collaboration solutions.


At the heart of communication is the telephone system. Having an advanced and reliable business phone system should be a priority for every firm. Our calling portfolio is designed to cater for businesses of all sizes.

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Instant messaging software is rapidly becoming the go-to method for internal communication. We implement secure, work-focused messaging clients that will streamline your employees workflows.

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Providing a basis for remote collaboration is a strength of ours. Cisco technology is renowned as the strongest vendor in this industry and our expert Cisco engineers can help you tranform the way you meet.

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Contact Center

Your customer’s experience is shaped by the interactions they have with your business. We give you the tools required to satisfy every customers need and more with our next-generation contact center portfolio.

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Our design phase is very much about what works for you; not what’s shown in demos and brochures. Some of the simple things we ask upfront is “how do you want to shape the communication for your userbase?” Collaboration is all about the user experience. A well-adopted platform where the workforce feels modern and empowered should guide the decision-making process along the way.


The success of the delivery phase of any collaboration engagement centres around User Acceptance. Are the users excited by the change? Do they feel more enabled and efficient? To ease the challenges of licensing, we utilise a Cisco Flex Plan to provide you with consistency in cost while giving you a free growth buffer. All engagements are wrapped up with thorough documentation. This is crucial to ensuring the platform remains current and the services are continuously rolled out to the users.


We measure the adoption of services as the ultimate success of a collaboration engagement. For Transformation and Employee Experience leaders in the organization, our Quarterly Business Reviews focus on looking at adoption trends, utilisation of services and discussing challenges in adoption being encountered. For the technology-oriented audience, we perform a Roadmap Review and take a look back at any outages and root cause. This ensures the resiliency of the platform is matching the expectation.

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