Cisco Licensing Review & Renew Introduction

The Tesrex Licensing Review & Renew is a pain-free, two-week engagement which provides you with a full understanding of your current Cisco License estate. You will be given an accurate picture of everything, from compliance to End of Life concerns.

The licensing review also works as a roadmap – taking into account your future growth, potential restructuring, upcoming purchases as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Our team of Enterprise Agreement specialists are well renowned in the Cisco sphere and will provide you with actionable intelligence that makes sense for your business both financially and operationally.

This no commitment service gives you a full view of your current situation and shows how much you could save financially with a Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Our clients always save between 20-35% on their licesning spend.

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Cisco Enterprise Agreements

A Cisco Enterprise Agreement takes all your licensing and transforms it into one, easy-to-manage contract. The ideal result of the Tesrex Review & Renew is that your organisation is eligible for a Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Towards the end of the two-week process we will present you with accurate financial details of exactly how much you could save with a Cisco Enterprise Agreement.

Our video below explains this further:

How it works

A typical Tesrex Licensing Review & Renew takes around two weeks and is segmented into 3 phases; The Call phase, the Sort phase, and the Report phase. Please view the document below to see whats involved in each phase:

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What you get

At Tesrex, we take the complexity and confusion out of licensing. With our Review & Renew, we will transform your entire estate into a streamlined system allowing you to easily manage and control your growth and any future changes.

Our review process takes only 2 weeks, after which we will present you with all our findings. You’ll be able to clearly see your current trajectory vs savings with an Enterprise Agreement – typically 20-35%.

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Every company is different. That’s why we listen to who you are and where you’re trying to get to. We can then take that information and start aligning it to the different technology tracks, the licensing associated and the support structure. Simple questions like “are you using Cisco SmartNet or Partner support?” can change the direction in a meaningful way.


With the knowledge gathered, we then match that up with a date to start the EA. Your data gets filtered through our in-house systems, broken down and presented in an easy to digest manner. This gives you a clear set of options that are fully aligned to your goals. “Is this platform still relevant?” “Is there a way to put everything into a single agreement?” “Should I be looking at a different support model going forward?” All these and others question will now have simpler answers that can lead to more confident decision making.


Technology moves at the rate you’re reading this. It’s our job to stay at the cutting edge of the Cisco portfolio. We take that information, align it to your business and on a quarterly basis, sit down with you to help you stay aligned with Cisco’s roadmap. This is also a good opportunity to learn about new acquisitions and platform development changes that you might want to trial. The nurturing of the software lifecycle is critical to maximizing its value and we’ll help you at every step.

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