Cisco Licensing Review

Our Cisco Licensing Review is a rapid engagement which provides you with a full understanding of your current Cisco License estate. You will have an accurate picture of everything, from compliance to End of Life concerns.

The licensing review also looks at where you are heading, taking into account potential restructuring, new purchases, company growth plans, mergers, acquisitions and provides a clear path forward.

Our team of specialists have been in the world of Cisco since the early 90’s and are deeply familiar with the platforms, the licensing models and the challenges customers face. We do the all the heavy lifting and come to you with actionable intelligence and a better way forward.

This no cost, no commitment service gives you a full view of your options and puts *you* in the driver’s seat on where to go next.

Before Cisco Licensing Review

The Current State

For many years, we’ve simply dealt with the chaos of license management because it was the only options we had. As the software started out pacing the hardware, the complexity continued to grow. “Who and how are we going to manage this?” is becoming a real thought for people looking to take on new platforms. The image represents the reality of where things are today.


Each platform has its own set of teams following their own process and form of best practices. Is that’s what’s most efficient for the business? Disparate processes for each team?


Different teams and cost centers will take on technology at different times and could procure team through different means. Even with the most prudent efforts, we see numerous subscriptions and overlaps of licensing. Many of which go unused but are paid for

Renewal Dates

The numerous subscription problems leads to a renewal problem. When are different things being renewed? Is there a flat cost across the board? Are the staggered renewal dates making it more difficult to adopt new platforms because you’re looking for the “perfect time” to make a change?


Anytime you’re expand you’re dealing with a procurement cycles from various partners in different geographies. The IT, business, procurement and finance teams are all spending time going through this purchase cycle ad nauseum.

cisco licensing review

The Cost & Compliance Mess

It doesn’t get easier as the as we continue to consume software at record levels. The costs are varied and all over the place depending on the region, partner, history. Having fragments of data that needs to be gathered up create a virtually impossible compliance hurdle. How do you state with accuracy, what you own and what you’re using? At best, you can come close after a lot of hours but then repeats the cycle again.

Our Cisco Licensing Review is the best way to rapidly transform the way things are for the better.

After Cisco Licensing Review

The Future

Cost savings, clarity & compliance.

Our customers are saving up to 34% on their Cisco Licensing after using our review to move over to an Enterprise Agreement. All savings from additional productivity, decreased management hassle and reduced procurement cycles are extra benefits.

Seamless access to new technologies and products makes trialling new products easier than ever, no costly procurement or strings attached.

The True-Forward concept ensures the best value is achieved as your business grows throughout the life of the agreement.

after cisco licensing review


You can now ensure feature parity across the technology platforms while being able to track adoption across the organisation from a single portal. You will be able to untether software licenses from their associated hardware, enabling a hardware upgrade or a hardware replacement to be done at anytime, entirely separate to the licensing element. The untethered software license simply gets re-used on the new hardware.

Subscriptions & Renewal Dates

One subscription. One date. It doesn’t get simpler than this. Need to add more during the 3, 5 or 7 year term? Simple pull additional licenses down from the portal and they’ll automatically be added to the same agreement with the same renewal date. The same is true of adding new platforms into the environment, they will painlessly be added to the existing contract. The True Forward approach ensures you’re not penalised for trying new technology or forced to go through a full procurement cycle in-between annual review dates.


One portal to rule them all! Manage and track all your licensing across various architectures in your organisation through the use of the Enterprise Agreement Workspace, in combination with s Cisco Smart Account. Allocate limited access to different personnel with Role Based Access Control. Stop having your engineers running around trying to sort out which license sits in who’s email and excel file. End all of the problems associated with tribal knowledge of licensing.

Cost Savings, Compliance & Management Bliss

The end result is an all-encompassing management portal that you control, a price that you have locked in for the duration of the agreement, seamless access to new technology, a fair and cost-effective approach to company growth, assured compliance and complete control of your license consumption.

With savings of up to 34% on each agreement and productivity gains throughout, start the Cisco Licensing Review process with us today and find out what the future of licensing looks like for your business.

How it works

Taking vast management complexity and transforming it into something far simpler is a challenge that you would expect takes hundreds or even thousands of people-hours over months of activity.

We handle all of the challenges as part of our license review, so that you are free to focus on the needs of the business.

A typical Cisco License Review takes around two weeks and can be summarised into the five steps below:

  • Intro Call

    Initial call where we gather information on your current state and get a view into your 3-5 year strategy, from technologies you have today, to products and technologies you want tomorrow.

    All necessary details are discussed and the Licensing Review will begin once written approval is received.

  • Account analysis with Cisco

    A back-end review of all current contracts is undertaken by Tesrex & Cisco.

    Data is collated and organised in order to form the basis of a report.

    Growth projections are considered and modelled against the data.

  • Report construction

    The License Review report is built based upon extracted and modelled data on the account.

    The report will show a clear before and after picture of the estate.

  • Deliver & Review Report findings

    The final report is delivered and a report review meeting takes place.

    All findings are discussed, with future options detailed.

  • Future plan of action

    Formal contract options are reviewed and a decision is made about the path of execution.

    As the final Enterprise Agreement takes shape, a full-scale on-boarding session takes place with a complete walkthrough of the management portal.

    Quarterly review sessions are scheduled for the duration of the agreement. These sessions are designed to ensure maximum value is being obtained from the agreement and included technologies.

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