Cisco Enterprise Agreement Introduction

Cisco Enterprise Agreements are contracts that cover all of the software under a technology vertical within the Cisco portfolio.

Put simply, if your business has a lot of Cisco Security platforms deployed, you can license all of this software under one single agreement rather than having many different contracts with varying renewal dates. Cisco Enterprise Agreements are either three-year or five-year contracts.

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Security EA

Find out which security products make you eligible for an Enterprise Agreement and see the potential savings that are available.

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Collaboration EA

Learn about the three different types of Flex Plan that are available and benefits of licensing your collaboration in this way.

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Learn about how a DNA Enterprise Agreement can benefit your Network and see a comparison of DNA licensed with and without an EA.

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Data Centre EA

Understand how an Enterprise Agreement can reduce your Data Centre spending and increase management productivity.

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How it works

A Cisco Enterprise Agreement takes all your licensing and transforms it into one, easy-to-manage contract. Our complimentary Cisco Licensing Review takes 2 weeks and will quickly determine if you are eligible for a Cisco Enterprise Agreement. When you gain eligibility for a Cisco Enterprise Agreement, you qualify to make savings of up to 40%.

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Benefits of a Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco Enterprise Agreements have many benefits that are both financial and operational. Along with saving between 30-40% on your normal licensing spend, management of your Cisco licensing estate is streamlined. Through the Enterprise Agreement portal, you are able to instantly acquire new licensing instead of the lengthy procurement process that businesses often have to go through.

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The discovery is where it all starts. We examine your current Cisco footprint in detail while at the same time asking you about the direction of your business. As each agreement is tailored to the individual customer, where we are trying to go is equally as important as what we have today. The discovery is done by our specialist Cisco Licensing team. Your time in the process is minimal and just requires you to provide details about future goals. All the heavy lifting will be done by us.


You will be given two sets of reports. The first one gives you a full picture of your entire Cisco estate broken down into bite sizes pieces. These come with our recommendations. Once you make a choice, our next deliverable comes into play. We will now price the Enterprise Agreement variant and build a financial model for you where you get full transparency into how much you’re going to save year on year.


Once the Enterprise Agreement is in place, we work with you to map out those business objectives that lead to the Enterprise Agreement. At a minimum, you’re guaranteed to have a quarterly review for the life of the Enterprise Agreement term. This review is where we highlight trends, help identify any gaps that are slowing down adoption, share future roadmap details and help you trial new technologies that within your Enterprise Agreement suite. You can always be sure that your Cisco Enterprise Agreement and licensing is in safe hands.

Are You Elegible For An EA?

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