Introduction to Cisco Enterprise Agreements

Cisco Enterprise Agreements are contracts that cover all of the software under a technology vertical within the Cisco portfolio. Put simply, if your business has a lot of Cisco Security platforms deployed, you can license all of this software under one single agreement rather than having many different contracts with varying renewal dates. Cisco Enterprise Agreements are either three-year or five-year contracts.

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These are the different Enterprise Agreements that Cisco currently offer:

Tesrex Expertise

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Our vast experience with Cisco EAs allows us to craft contracts which provide our customers with as many benefits as possible.

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We handle all the licensing complexities, providing you with the essential information in an easily digestible format.

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Our close relationship with Cisco enables us to secure the best savings & advantages in your Enterprise Agreement.

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All back-end tasks are performed in a timely fashion, meaning financial savings can be realised in just 2-3 weeks.

Key Benefits of a Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Financial savings

Product flexibility

Predictable budgets

Consistency in operations

Simplified licensing

Immediate compliance


Free growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to start a Cisco Enterprise Agreement?

    If you choose to work with us, we have a well-defined process that enables us to complete all the required tasks in a timely fashion. Usually, your Cisco Enterprise Agreement will be completed within 2-3 weeks.

  • What if my licensing is not up to date?

    This isn’t a problem at all! We can deploy a Smart Collector to your network which will automatically record all of the Cisco software you use so we can be sure that the Enterprise Agreement gives you full compliance.

  • What is the True-Forward concept?

    True-Forward is a new concept that Cisco has introduced to the technology licensing industry. Most other vendors offer a “True-Up” which is a periodic review of the customer’s usage. If they have used more than allocated, they are then billed for this portion. Essentially it’s a penalty for growth.

    Cisco Enterprise Agreements use True-Forward.  This allows your business to consume more software as you grow without back-billing you for it.

  • What happens to my current licenses?

    All eligible licenses that would be converted under the EA would be rebated on a pro rata bases. At Tesrex, we believe in great transparency thus you’ll be provided with a line-by-line breakdown of each item and its rebate value. Your confidence is critical to us.

Example of a Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Collaboration Enterprise Agreement for a Global Energy Company

Recently, we worked with an expanding multi-national energy company looking to add additional Cisco Webex Licenses on a per-user basis.

As part of our procurement due-diligence, our team reviewed the current install base and use cases for the customer and found that the best course of action for the customer was moving to a Cisco Collaboration Enterprise Agreement (Meetings Flex Plan variant). The Meetings Flex Plan was the most cost-effective way of adding the additional licences and came with a wealth of other benefits. Our findings were reviewed with the key stakeholders and the decision was taken to move forward with a Meetings Flex Plan.

As a result of moving to a Cisco Enterprise Agreement, the customer was able to extend the service company-wide without the operational overhead of assigning and reclaiming licenses from users. The agreement also paved the way for a transition to Cisco Webex Teams as their IM/Chat platform of choice. The Meeting Flex Plan had the additional benefit of enabling the rapid adoption of video conferencing at their remote locations through the Cloud registration of Video Endpoints.

Compared to acquiring additional licenses on the more traditional ad-hoc basis, these operational benefits are an additional cost-saving feature of moving to a Cisco Enterprise Agreement (in this case, the Meeting Flex Plan).

Financial Breakdown

Traditional Purchase Path: $1,432,272.52

Tesrex proposed Cisco EA: $879,641.72

Total Saving: $552,630.80

This EA saved the customer more than 38% compared to ordering via the traditional path.

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We work closely with companies to build Cisco Enterprise Agreements that enable our clients to flexibly incorporate new technologies, whilst ensuring peak financial savings. In the last few years, the Enterprise Agreement model has become the strongly favoured option for both vendors and progressive customers.


Our well-defined process enables us to accomplish these tasks in a short time-frame (usually 2-3 weeks), with minimal involvement on your part, reducing interruptions to your productivity. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in Cisco Enterprise Agreements. We are specialists on the topic and would love to discuss them further with you.

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