Cisco DNA Enterprise Agreements Introduction

Cisco’s DNA (Digital Network Architecture) is a forward looking architecture that consists of a number of platforms that we traditionally associate with Enterprise Networking. This includes; switching infrastructure for campus networks, controller or fabric wireless, Cisco’s class leading SD-WAN platform and all your routing infrastructure. Your entire LAN and WAN is covered under a single contract.

Similar to the other enterprise agreements (Collaboration, Security and DataCenter), this is focused on the software elements that drive these platforms. We’re decoupling all the software components of LAN/WAN from any hardware they’re associated to and putting them into a single contract for a 3/5/7 year.

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Let’s examine a few use cases that we run into on a regular basis in Enterprise Networking solved by a Cisco DNA Enterprise Agreement

Need to enable a new feature?

Just go to the device or service and enable the feature. No pak files or license emails to dig up and no need to open up a TAC case.

Need to replace a switch?

No need to buy any licenses with it. Just get the hardware and Smartnet. The license can either be re-used from an existing appliance that’s now out of service or pulled down from the licensing portal.

Need to check which features are being used at which sites?

This task is already being performed in real time on the portal. Just run the utilisation report.

Need to redesign some WAN components?

Simply exercise the feature set on the router and start your sandbox testing.

Want to build a sandbox for testing?

Just use the licenses out of your pool and start your testing. Reclaim what’s no longer needed.

Need to make changes across 100 switches?

No CLI needed. Provision the change through the DNAC and it will be done automatically.

Need to review capacity planning?

Use the built-in DNAC machine learning platform to review trends and potential bottlenecks well in advance.

Product Eligibility

The following products are all eligible for Cisco DNA Enterprise Agreements.

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Example of a Cisco DNA Enterprise Agreement

Company Size : 5,000 users

Number of sites : 40

Routers = ASR’s and ISR’s Total = 44 routers 

Switches = Combination of 3850, 44xx, 93xx, 95xx Total = 68 campus switches 

Wireless = Cisco Wireless AP and controllers Total = 280 AP’s 

SD-WAN = Virtual Edge devices Total = 48 devices

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Our well-defined process enables us to accomplish these tasks in a short time-frame (usually 2-3 weeks), with minimal involvement on your part, reducing interruptions to your productivity. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in Cisco Enterprise Agreements. We are specialists on the topic and would love to discuss them further with you.

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