6 Essential Cisco Tips for Collaborating during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We put together a collection of tips to best use Cisco collaboration to enable productive workflows for your employees during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Volunteering Support To Our NHS

We want to offer pro bono support to our NHS during this crucial time while the country is under threat from COVID-19, Coronavirus.

Free Remote Working – Coronavirus and Cisco Webex

Cisco are allowing businesses and individuals to use their Webex platform for free while we are under threat from the spread of Coronavirus.

VIDEO: How A Cisco Enterprise Agreement Works

We posted a new video that goes through all the basics of a Cisco Enteprise Agreement. What they are, how they work, and how to get started.

Introduction to the Cisco Webex Room USB

Cisco have released a new addition to their Webex Room series of video devices, the Cisco Webex Room USB. Here's a look at what it can do!

Webex Desk Pro – Our Hands On Experience

Cisco recently invited us to their head office for a hands on experience with the new Cisco Webex Desk Pro. Here are 3 features we learnt about while there.

The Major Changes to the Webex Control Hub

In this article, we've summarised the major changes made to the Webex Control Hub in the last few months and explain how they work.

Firepower 6.5 – How to migrate to a new Hardware Appliance

This article explains how to migrate to a new hardware appliance in Firepower 6.5 without requiring manual reconfiguration of remote FTD devices.