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What Can Datacenter Assurance Do For Us?

  • 5 February, 2024

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What is Datacenter Assurance?

Consistency and reliability are the fundamentals of Datacenter Assurance. As technology and business leaders, you want to ensure that when you’re building Hybrid datacenters, you’re providing the same seamless experience for your users and business partners. They should not have any drop in performance at any of the datacenter locations. The same holds true for SaaS applications. As data gets fragmented across the internet between a combination of on-premise and various cloud services, having a single view of the digital performance is crucial to maintaining an experience SLA for your users, business and partners.

Ensuring Datacenter Assurance with ThousandEyes

But how do we ensure this? The ‘glue that binds’ technology in the Assurance pipeline is ThousandEyes. ThousandsEyes is a cloud-based digital performance monitoring platform. In very simple terms, it simulates the traffic flow from various sources (e.g. home, remote office, different regions) to different destinations such as hosted and cloud datacenters, SaaS providers and B2B integrations. From there it builds out the dataflow models, usages, connection types and traffic amounts. Arrange a ThousandEyes demo.

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By having a working model that builds the baseline across all these combinations of connectivity, we can set performance thresholds for alerting and get proactive in addressing bottlenecks and outages. When we make network-level changes, the outcomes are immediately apparent. We’ll be able to see the traffic routing and shaping in real-time and make decisions from actual data and not hypotheticals.

The power of ThousandEyes extends further. It’s common for any organisation to deal with remote users or sites complaining of issues with a particular service. Often this leads to days and weeks of tedious log gathering, trial and error, hoping to land a dart in the dark. We can extend the same level of digital performance monitoring to an individual user in any location? By simply installing an agent on the device, we can monitor their connection and performance with the same level of depth and granularity as we can without datacenters and SaaS services.

datacenter assurance with thousandeyes diagram

As our digital footprint spans across numerous locations and services, we need to ensure our toolset complements the expansion. Traditional means of log gathering across various devices, and parsing the information are not just agile enough. You need the tools to provide the same level of speed and convenience that made the cloud appealing in the first place.

Summary of Assurance

To recap, the top 5 takeaways from this article are:

  • Assurance is the ability to provide a consistent experience between hosted and Cloud datacenters
  • Assurance includes SaaS applications such as your ERP, HR systems and Client facing web front ends independent of the datacenters
  • By replicating the use case from various types of connectivity, regions going into different datacenters and SaaS platforms, we can model the experience and set expectations
  • The same platform can troubleshoot individual remote user connectivity and performance issues
  • Delivered as a cloud-based platform, the platform is working and working within a matter of hours and not months of installation, configuration and tuning

Every business is different. Let’s talk about what assurance means for you and find out how to get started on your journey. Click below to reach out and we can arrange a custom demo for your organisation.

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