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New Webex Features for June 2021

  • 8 June, 2021

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Slido polling and Q&A features

This month, Slido has been integrated to Webex. This will add some fantastic new features to the platform to increase the interactivity of meetings and webinars.

This includes a polling feature where hosts can pose a question and attendees can vote on the poll making decision making in meetings a lot more efficient.

Quizzes in another new Slido feature that will be extremely useful for universities or schools and the wider education sector. We also expect this to be a popular feature in the work environment for training purposes.

Another ability that comes from this Slido integration is Word Clouds. These encourage interaction from attendees and present an easily digestible diagram of information that can help demonstrate ideas.

webex slido

Slido is a very exciting new addition to Webex. Please note that this feature will be available on an independent release cycle. You can check here to see when it is available for your site.

Changes to Webex Events

High capacity meetings

There have been several new additions to Webex Events this month also. Firstly, Cisco have announced that they have increased the attendee capacity. Event licenses with higher attendee capacities of 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000 and 100000 are now available to order. Please contact us for more information on this. Click here to download our Cisco Licensing Cheat Sheet.

Removal of attendee name visibility

After receiving feedback during the beta stage of Webex Events, Cisco have removed the ability to see attendees names as another attendee. They have said that the configuration option to show attendees names or not will be available in an upcoming release.

Customisable registration rules

Within Webex events, hosts can now customise auto-approve/auto-reject rule when someone signs up for an event. This works for both webinar and webcast modes.

Examples of the rules you are now able to set are to auto-approve all registrants from a certain email domain. Auto-reject all registrants from an unknown email domain. Or Auto-accept VIP’s who match a specific email address you have listed and require all other registrants to be manually reviewed.

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