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Webex 40.1 – Four New Features in the Webex Suite

  • 28 January, 2020

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There has recently been a new update to the Webex Suite, Webex 40.1! We researched all the different changes and highlighted four of the most interesting points. The release notes are here.

Improvements when meeting in a noisy area

You may already know that there is artificial intelligence built into the Webex platform that automatically detects background noise in the audio stream of a speaker and cuts them out to improve the meeting experience. This is a great feature but occasionally in an exceptionally loud environment, the speaker’s voice can become muffled as the background noise is reduced.

With this update, Cisco has tweaked the algorithms responsible for noise reduction so that the speaker’s voice is now affected much less than it was previously. This is a great improvement that will positively affect many Webex users.

Full meeting URL

Previously, while in a Webex meeting on the web client, the URL at the top of the page would show a generic Webex site URL. With this new Webex update, the entire URL of the meeting is shown so you can easily share the join URL with whoever you need to. This will further streamline the first few minutes of many meetings.

New call-to-action

Microsoft Teams integration

If you caught our recent article about the new integrations between Cisco and Microsoft in the collaboration space, you’ll know about how exciting these new developments are. With Webex 40.1, Webex meetings hosts in Microsoft Teams can now look ahead when inviting attendees to their meetings. This look ahead feature allows you to type the first three letters of someone’s name and the feature will scour through everyone within the organisation and present their email address to improve the user experience.

Scheduling Webex meetings in Microsoft Teams just got a lot easier!

cisco microsoft integration webex 40.1

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Improvements

Webex meetings on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment have been improved with the release of Webex 40.1. When you join a meeting on a VDI environment, the Webex platform will now route all video and audio streams directly between the thin client and the Webex Meetings cloud instead of going through the hosted desktop. This will improve speeds and performance for all users on a VDI environment once they upgrade to Webex 40.1.

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