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Webex Share – The Exciting New Cisco Collaboration Product

  • 27 April, 2018

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You can find a more recent article on the Webex Share and its features by clicking here.

Introduction to Webex Share

Just recently, Cisco held their Collaboration Summit where they made many exciting announcements including the merging of Webex and Spark to create Webex Teams. One of the new products they featured that has everyone in the industry talking is Webex Share, a palm-sized affordable device that plugs into any TV or monitor that instantly turns it into a wireless presentation screen when it’s used with the Cisco Webex app.

Webex Share is exciting because it’s so valuable for agile businesses who get their work done through small and efficient meetings. Cisco has capitalised on this trend to make things even easier for both small teams and IT staff.

webex share product

A new style of meeting with Webex Share

Large group meetings with extended agendas are becoming less frequent due to their unproductive nature. Now, more than ever, we are seeing impromptu meetings crop up in offices where teams of around half a dozen people sit in a huddle space to complete specific tasks. Webex Share is a perfect product to enable these super-productive discussions where people can share their ideas and utilise whiteboarding on a HD monitor without having to connect any cables or dongles, or adjust AV settings.

webex share on tv

Cisco already offers many products in this space such as Webex Boards and the Webex Room Series but the Webex Share is different. When listening to their customers, Cisco found that many businesses already had old TVs in collaboration spaces that were very unpopular with employees because of the clunky and time-consuming processes they would have to go through to get it working with their devices. They were desperate for a way to transform these spaces into a beautiful Cisco Webex experience without breaking the bank. That’s why Webex Share was created!

Webex Share is affordable yet feature rich

Webex Share is not only extremely affordable but is designed perfectly to meet your every need. As well as being small enough to fit in your pocket, it only has one cable, a HDMI lead that plugs directly into the back of your television or monitor, which means it only takes minutes to set up. It uses an ultrasonic emitter, seen in the rest of Cisco’s advanced collaboration hardware portfolio, so you can pair your device without having to plug your laptop or smart phone into anything.

It supports 30 fps sharing which means you can stream videos seamlessly, locally or into a meeting. Webex Share connects directly to the cloud which means it requires no on-premise infrastructure. You simply switch it on, log in with your Webex account and you’re good to go!

The Webex Share has now been released to order. Click here to visit our partner site to see more information on the Webex Share and order the device if you wish.

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