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Collaboration for the Future

  • 20 November, 2018

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When buying new technology as a business, there’s always the question of how long this will last. We don’t generally ask this question because we’re expecting it to break, but instead because technology can become outdated so quickly in this industry. Technology evolves so fast that a state-of-the-art device can turn into old news in a matter of months. However, My Cloud Voice can help you prevent this with their future-proof communications solution built on Cisco technology.

Staying agile and competitive in business is always a priority and collaboration technology is one of the main contributing factors to this. After all, innovative collaboration techniques can improve business productivity by 20-30%.

In this article, we’ll be focussing on how smaller businesses can invest in communication technology that will not only benefit them now but will continue to evolve and scale alongside them well into the future.

Cisco platforms are constantly improving

Part of the reason that Cisco is labelled the industry leader in so many fields, is their great ability to continue innovating and building upon their existing technology. Their development team is constantly adding new capabilities to both their software and their hardware. When we purchase hardware in our personal lives, such as our smartphones, we are expected to buy the new model every year to benefit from the new features. However, when you own licensed Cisco technology, these valuable updates become available for you to use straight away without any extra cost. This is one of the great things Cisco do to show they value their customers and want them to use their products to its full extent.

These updates keep your Cisco communications platform right on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring you’re always at maximum productivity when it comes to collaboration, now, and into the future.

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Scalable Collaboration Solutions

To put it simply, the best Cisco phone system for businesses with up to 200 employees that are looking to grow in the future is the Business Edition 4000. This is because the Business Edition 4000 is designed to scale seamlessly with your business. If you want to add to remove users you can do this extremely easily, from any location across the world, in the cloud-based portal that Cisco provides. Combining this with all the other useful functionality the portal offers gives you an enormously flexible phone system that will be suited to your business for years to come.

Another great aspect of choosing the Business Edition 4000 is the fact you’re joining the Cisco eco-system. Cisco builds their platforms to smartly integrate with one another. Therefore, when you deploy a Cisco system such as the Business Edition 4000, if you ever need to upgrade to a system that can handle more than 200 users, you can do this simply and painlessly with all of Cisco’s support along the way.

Industry Leading Meeting Solutions

As a business, you want to ensure the communication platforms you put in place assist your employees to reach their full potential in terms of creativity and productivity. Deploying any old meeting solution that performs slowly and fails regularly just won’t cut it when it comes to modern business and technology. Your employees deserve the best meeting solution around, Cisco Webex. This statement isn’t just an opinion. In September, the highly-trusted and unbiased research organisation, Gartner, found that Cisco was the market leader when it came to meetings solutions. This was based on the completeness of their vision and their great ability to continue improving and evolving their platforms. Webex is one of the platforms that Cisco updates the most with new features and functionality. For example, just recently they released a brand new Webex desktop app which has been received extremely well among the millions of people who use Webex regularly.

If you would like a free trial of Webex, click here.

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A final note on My Cloud Voice

As you can see, Cisco is always working on way to help your business remain agile and competitive well into the future with their platforms and the decisions they make. They want your business to grow as much as you do as they trust you will see the advantages that Cisco platforms have to offer. Investing in Cisco technology is investing in the future.

To try Cisco Webex for free, please click the link below:

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