Unified Collaboration

Webex For Apple Vision Pro

Cisco have released a Webex app for the Apple Vision Pro, taking collaboration to the next level. Learn more about it here.

What’s New In CUCM 15?

In this article, we look at the newly released CUCM 15, it’s features, upgrade paths and changes that are important to know.

Webex Desk Mini Introduction

This article looks at the features and the spcifications of the Webex Desk Mini, a great collaboration device.

Webex Contact Center Overview

Introduction to Webex Contact Center Webex Contact Center is currently one of the best solutions available to organisations who strive to deliver the highest quality of service to their customers. This omnichannel platform allows customers to reach you through calling, email, social media, chat, and many more channels. Whether you prefer the flexibility and low

UCCX to CUCM – How To Reduce Contact Centre Spending

This article looks at the benefits of moving from Cisco UCCX to CUCM. There are many financial benefits if you are a candidate.

LiveAction LiveNX VoIP, Video and UCaaS Performance Monitoring

This article looks at LiveAction’s LiveNX product and the advanced monitoring and maintaining of your Voice and VoIP network it provides.

A look at the Webex Room Bar

The Webex Room Bar is Cisco’s newest virtual meeting device. In this article we take a look at some of the key and most interesting features.

Cisco Collaboration Upgrade Service

We offer a Cisco collaboration upgrade service that involves us upgrading your various UC platforms to the latest version for a fixed cost.