At Tesrex, we strive for quality at all junctions. Our approach is simple and straightforward: We want to deliver a premium product whilst providing the best experience possible. In order to exercise this vision of our company, we need people whose values closely align with ours.

If you take pride in your work and truly want to make a difference to your customers, then you will be great fit. There are two of the core points we look at first. We also place a great deal of emphasis on continued education and growth in your field; as the company grows, so should it’s people.

Our company philosophy centers around quality and collaboration. Individual contributions into a collective creates forward thinking. That is who we are and that is who we look for.

Currently hiring:

Data Center Architect / Hybrid Cloud Architect

We’re looking for a DataCenter specialist who wants to expand their knowledge to Hybrid Cloud environments. Possessing a strong understanding of the Cisco Data Center suite, the individual would be keen to build on that knowledge base to help customers realise their goals of moving towards a Hybrid Cloud environment.

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Cisco Network / Security Engineer

Tesrex is looking to add an experienced Cisco Network and Security Engineer to the team that will be the key driver of projects at existing and new customers. The individual will have the freedom to help guide the direction of network and security practices and offerings. Self-motivation to learn and expand one’s ability is a key driver to being a good fit. Without layers of management and supervision, creative freedom, you can grow without restraints. All project-based consulting work. No ticket management or managed services or on-call requirements.

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