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Webex For Apple Vision Pro

  • 15 March, 2024

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Cisco have released Webex on the Apple Vision Pro

In today’s blend of remote and office work, flexibility is crucial. Cisco is dedicated to supporting people in working from various devices and locations that suit them best. Webex is constantly being improved for Apple products to ensure smooth work experiences on preferred devices. 

Today, Cisco is pushing collaboration boundaries with cutting-edge spatial computing collaboration on Apple Vision Pro. This innovative feature seamlessly integrates digital content with the real world, enhancing teamwork in remarkable ways. 

How will Webex work on the Apple Vision Pro

Since it’s release, the Apple Vision Pro has been the hot new technology product. The content released around it has been more than impressive, with many reviewers being quoted as saying we have now entered the next stage of computing.  

Webex, one of the most popular meetings platforms on the market, announced at Cisco Live in Amsterdam that the Webex App is now available for Apple Vision Pro devices. 

The great thing about the Apple Vision Pro is the ability to drag and drop windows into your environment. It essentially gives you unlimited monitors allowing you to multitask like never before.  

With the Webex App you can open a meeting with people, see your schedule, view documents, whiteboard, and create polls all from your headset. Please view the video below to see how this looks. 

As you can see, collaborating on Webex with the Apple Vision Pro is extremely powerful. The sci-fi films of the past have become a reality and we can’t wait to start using it.

If you’d like to make your step on your journey towards the next level of collaboration, reach out to us below and we can give you all the assistance you need.

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