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Introducing the Cisco Webex Desk Pro

  • 29 November, 2019

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What is the Cisco Webex Desk Pro

Cisco just made an exciting announcement that they will soon release the Cisco Webex Desk Pro! This is an advanced new AI driven collaboration product that’s built to sit on your desk. Take calls or meetings from the device with ease in the perfect audio and video quality we’ve become so used to with Cisco collaboration products.

The last device in their desk series was the DX80 which proved popular among the top directors and remote workers alike. The Webex Desk Pro looks to improve on this device and bring Cisco’s vision of Cognitive Collaboration.

We recently had a hands-on experience with the device. Click here to read about it.

webex desk pro device

Benefits of the Cisco Webex Desk Pro

Streamline your workstation

This device allows you to clear the clutter from your desk which is a goal for any professional. You can use the Webex Desk Pro as your primary monitor and it’s also built for communications meaning it can replace your IP phone. You’ve most likely heard the expression “tidy desk, tidy mind” and the Webex Desk Pro is a big step towards this!

webex desk pro neat

All-in-one collaboration

The Webex Desk Pro has many different features built into it to provide a complete Webex Meetings experience from just one device. Its built to run with Webex Meetings and Webex Teams so you can easily collaborate with whoever you wish over HD video. You can whiteboard directly onto the screen with the provided stylus as the meeting happens for a uninterrupted and productive workflow. These whiteboard sessions will be automatically saved to the Webex Teams cloud.

webex desk pro whiteboarding

Works with any video conferencing platform

Although you will have the best experience using this device with Webex Meetings, it does integrate with a variety of other video conferencing services. This means if someone invites you to a Skype or Zoom call you can still use the Webex Desk Pro to join the meeting. It’s a versatile device built to satisfy your every need. Please note that you’ll need to connect a laptop via the USB-C port.

Facial recognition

The Webex Desk Pro features AI driven facial recognition technology. This means the device will recognise you as you sit down in front of it, greet you by name, and sign you in to your Webex account. This is a neat and extremely useful feature that a lot of new Cisco collabroation devices are now being released with. Please note that images of your face are not saved in the cloud for this to work, the technology simply saves the measurements between your facial features in order to match it to you.

desk pro facial recognition

Cisco Webex Desk Pro Specifications

The device has some fantastic gear built into it and the specifications are quite impressive. It features a 27″ inch 4K display and high quality speakers which means both audio and video output will be great. It also has 71-degree field-of-view camera built in allowing you to sit close to the device without the the camera feed being to zoomed in on you. There is also a high spec microphone array with noise cancelling technology that will automatically detect disruptive background noise such as typing and remove it.

You can connect your laptop to the Desk Pro via a single USB-C cable. The device also comes with Webex Assistant, Cisco’s version of Siri. You can give voice commands and the AI technology will decipher what you are asking and accomplish the task for a more efficient work flow.

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