Introducing the Cisco Webex Desk Pro

Cisco recently announced the Webex Desk Pro, the latest device to their Webex Desk series following the success of the DX80.

New Features in the Webex Meetings Update 39.10

A quick summary of the most interesting and valuable new features that come in the Webex Meetings 39.10 update. This update was released in November 2019.

Tesrex awarded with Webex Calling Certification

Tesrex recently became a Cisco Webex Calling partner by gaining our official Cisco Certification. We look forward to helping clients implement this platform.

An Analyst’s Report on the Cisco Enterprise Agreement

ESG recently published a paper looking at the benefits of a Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Here are the valuable points to take from their report.

Getting Started with Cisco Smart Licensing

Smart Licensing is a very attractive option to organisations because of the financial and operational benefits. Here’s how you can get started.

UK Public Sector Consolidation: Why Cisco EAs can lead the transformation

This article covers the topic of UK Public Sector consolidation and how a Cisco Enterprise Agreement can be immensely helpful with this.

The Latest New Features of Webex Teams

Here are the most interesting new features in the latest Cisco Webex Teams update. The article includes new features from August and September.

Benefits of Cisco Smart Accounts

This article covers all the various financial, management and compliance-related advantages Cisco Smart Accounts can bring your business.