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Acela: Automating Network Configuration Compliance for a Stress-Free Cisco Estate

  • 7 November, 2023

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Automating Network Configuration with Acela

In this article, we will look at Acela‘s power in automating network configuration compliance for your Cisco estate.

One of the challenges in maintaining configuration compliance across the estate is ensuring that the entire team is on the same wavelength. This is easier when everyone’s centrally located but multiplies in difficulty the more geographically dispersed you are.

Procedures become outdated. Local preference overrides the process and you run into a mash-up of configurations across the board. When there is an audit or review or a security incident, only then do you realise the impact of this disparity in configuration practices.

By Automating Network Configuration Compliance with Acela, we can start pooling all of that together for you and with the back-end automation, we can quickly inform you of the anomalies found across the configuration.

Here’s an example of some rulesets:

automating network configuration list of rules screenshot

Beyond the set of pre-established best practices we parse your configuration against, the platform is built of customisation from the start. With the assistance of our engineering team, we can work to set up custom rules that are specific to your company and your lines of business.

We simply go through the parameters needed to cover and set the rule:

automating network configuration compliance for cisco rules

It’s all done online and there’s absolutely no impact or configuration needed on your end!

You can apply it to a specific site, or set of devices, or just have a catch-all. Flexibility is fundamental in covering the true needs of a business.

automating network configuration ruleset

With Acela, automating network configuration compliance has never been easier.

We built the module after decades of experiencing these pain points across our engineering teams. It’s been invaluable for our internal teams and we believe it can help yours just as well.

There is plenty more information about Acela and how it can benefit you here.

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