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Accelerating Cisco Asset Management with Acela

  • 7 November, 2023

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The ever-growing list of hardware options makes Cisco asset management a growing challenge for any organisation. The options and flexibility provided by the options are great but we’re not tasked with managing their varying status.

The most common questions we ask ourselves and our teams are:

– When and which equipment is coming to EoL (End of Life) in the next 90 days or 12 months?

– How much longer is the EoL equipment going to reach EoS (End of Support) before we take on major risk?

– What software version is our estate currently on and how far is this from the vendor recommended version?

These simple questions often lead to a frantic level of activity that demands a lot of time and resources. And the worst part? It’s only a point-in-time snapshot. The moment a new software version is released, or you buy additional hardware, the list needs to be updated. As we know, this rarely happens until the next alarm starts ringing.

There is a solution to this problem. The solution is Acela.

With Acela’s Cisco Asset Management, you have all this information, in real-time at the click of a button. Don’t want to click a button? No problem! We can automate the reports to whatever frequency and type of data you need.

Acela speaks directly to Cisco’s backend API and correlates all customer purchase data, EoL/EoS dates, contracts, aswell as comparing the software versions currently running on the devices. Best part? There’s no maintenance required on your staff. It just runs self-updates without any intervention.

Here’s an example of a router that we can see in real time, and all its relevant data:

cisco asset management software

As you can see, from this example, the full lifecycle of the device is presented in a clear and easy to consume manner, and available at a single click.

This means you’ll never have to go digging on the Cisco site to determine what the recommended release version is and which filename to download. A huge time-saver and quality of life improver!

cisco asset management device screenshot

How to get started with Acela

The best way to learn how Acela works is by booking a short demo with us. In just 15 minutes you’ll have a clear understanding of how Acela works, and what it can help you to achieve.

Find more information on Acela and how to book a demo here.

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