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Getting Started with Cisco Smart Licensing

  • 11 October, 2019

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What is Cisco Smart Licensing?

Cisco Smart Licensing gives you the ability to manage and view all your Cisco software licenses in an online portal. For the first time, this lets you de-couple the licensing from the hardware thus allowing easier replacement and repurposing of hardware for different use cases. As Cisco rapidly transitions to a software-driven company, the licensing will become even more critical. Cisco Smart Licensing saves a lot of operational overhead associated with traditional license inventory and management.

How do I begin using Smart Licensing?

To move to the Cisco Smart Licensing model, you will need to do an inventory review of your current licensing, align them to the right contracts and request the transfer for eligible products into the new format. An organisation-wide Smart Account will need to be created. Virtual Accounts need to be added to create roles and segmentation based on the organisation’s goals. Going forward, any future purchases will need to be bought as Smart Licensing enabled with the Smart Licensing Account details associated.

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How can Tesrex help with Smart Licensing?

Making this transition alone, given the initial learning curve, could prove challenging and time-consuming. This could further frustrate team leads that likely have an existing plate full of responsibilities with little bandwidth to take on the associated learning curve. The inventory check alone could take months depending on the organisation size, complexity and current processes. With Tesrex, the process takes less than two weeks.

Thankfully our team have a great deal of experience in this area and we run a  Tesrex Licensing Review & Renew. We will perform the analysis for you with our proven Call, Sort, Report methodology. This review is used to determine eligibility for an Enterprise License Agreement which can save you anywhere from 20 – 35% on your annual licensing bills over traditional buying methods.

Once we have provided you with a clear picture and the options available, simply choose the direction that works for you and we will work with your team to onboard you onto the new platform, convert your estate, and start saving you money.

How do I get started?

Click here to reach out to our team and within one working day, we’ll have you booked for an initial consultation. In less than two weeks from that day, you’ll have a detailed report with a clear view of how your organisation will benefit.


Cisco Smart Licensing is the way forward for any organization with Cisco in their roadmap but there is work required to ensure it’s done right. To begin reaping the benefits of Smart Licensing in just two weeks, reach out to our team of Licensing specialists. They will perform all the heavy lifting and come back to you with clearly defined options. The process can lead to a 22 – 34% savings on average when eligible for Enterprise Agreements and license management is greatly simplified.

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