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LiveAction LiveNX VoIP, Video and UCaaS Performance Monitoring

  • 9 December, 2022

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Over the past two years, the flood of remote working has forced enterprises to quickly facilitate collaboration solutions, no matter where employees work. Critical-business applications, specifically VoIP, Video and UCaaS, have become highly sensitive to latency, jitter, and just plain old packet loss. With LiveAction, your VoIP/Video network can be maintained to the highest standards and acted upon instantaneously with the least amount of human intervention. This is why we at Tesrex have partnered with LiveAction and their brilliant product, LiveNX.

LiveNX Features

Some of the main features LiveNX supports are described below, which can all be managed via a single dashboard.

Capacity Planning

Get detailed information on device, interface and PSTN usage along with application visibility to visualize how the VoIP/Video network is operating. This will ensure that you have adequate bandwidth to handle the current load of VoIP/Video applications and any adoption you are looking to implement soon.


Identify real-time VoIP/Video and Chat issues on the network, filter, and display traffic by application type, using a rich interface that anyone can understand. If the infamous three: Latency, Jitter and Packet loss exceed a threshold this results in real-time alerting which can be acted upon immediately.


Automatically reacting to intelligent, tiered alerting that categorizes alerts based on level of importance and reacts to them without any human intervention. This could be modifying DSCP markings or just applying a QoS policy automatically once a limit has been exceeded.


Customize rich-media reports and templates to ensure the team and applications are delivering error-free value back to the business for Network Operations and any Business ROI.


Use built-in QoS wizards and application policies across multiple devices or use the QoS GUI editor to build policies that are easily understood, monitored and applied end-to-end without the need of knowing verbose configurations.

Running a QoS policy with LiveNX

Let’s look at an example of how simple it is to apply a QoS policy to a single device using LiveNX’s NBAR (Network Baseline Application Recognition) tool.

As you can see below we simply right-click a single device, select QOS and define what setting you want to configure i.e. Enable Polling, NBAR, Add/Remove policies to specific interfaces, run reports etc. And all this can be done without even configuring the devices’ inbuild IOS, but rather by applying LiveN’s pre-configured templates directly to the device.

liveaction livenx

LiveNX automatically recognizes and categorizes All VoIP/Video RTP Traffic classes and colour codes traffic for easy recognition, making running reports and identifying traffic types easier.

livenx voice

LiveNX even allows you to check the performance of all VoIP/Video Flows and bandwidth consumption for a particular site, interface, device or even at a geometric level in real time.

livenx voip

Or how about comparing a PRE-Based QOS Policy with a POST-Based policy to see the performance difference and changes over time?

livenx Qos

LiveNX provides stunning visual analytics and management tools for all types of VoIP/Video Traffic. The LiveNX application experience is suited for all types of users from IT Managers, Engineers and even Executives. It achieves this by using visualization algorithms that populate dashboards and reporting modules out-of-the-box, which can be easily customizable based on real-world case studies that are designed specifically for network operations, executives, and capacity planning.

We have merely scratched the service with what LiveNX has to offer, but If you’re interested in seeing what LiveAction can do in the real world as a fully-fledged product, we are currently offering a free trial. We can perform all the legwork of integrating with your environment so you can experience it first hand.