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LiveAction – Why We Teamed Up With LiveAction

  • 6 December, 2022

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One of the biggest time consumers in troubleshooting network and voice-related issues is trying to capture and replicate the problem. We normally have to rely on tools like SolarWinds, PRTG and Wireshark as our toolset. There’s nothing wrong with these devices and after coming through the industry from a technical background, they were bread and butter tools. Many still see that as such.

The problem is that over time, the environmental complexity has increased dramatically. Yet the tools do what they have always done. They didn’t scale adequately. They added more features, but the tradeoff has always been that more human bandwidth is needed.

This is where LiveAction came into play. We can go through all the technical benefits but there are two main areas where we saw an immediate gain for ourselves and our clients who took on the platform at our recommendation.

Meantime to Innocence

Every issue has a root cause and an end fix. We’re all trying to find a way to compress the time needed to get there. This is the first big positive of LiveAction. We can see all our flows mapped out in real-time, replay what happened, and within the same portal, run a more sophisticated ‘wireshark’ that will cross the WAN. As you can see from the screenshot below, all the information is at our fingertips.

liveaction network performance monitoring

This is how we compress the time and just as importantly, find the “why!?” so it’s not a repeatable issue. Since we can assess the root cause, it avoids the need for Band-Aids and dirty fixes just to get things up and running again.

Cloud & On-Prem in one Dashboard

Most companies have begrudgingly accepted their on-premise environment is separate from the cloud. They think that communication and network issues between the two are just part of the job to deal with.

LiveAction doesn’t agree.

There’s no reason why the same set of telemetry data you can capture from your own devices, can’t extend to your instance in AWS and Azure. Any routing, flow, QoS and data-related issues between the two environments can now be consolidated and viewed as one.

liveaction dashboards

For us and our clients, LiveAction has been instrumental in saving time and also being an amazing sizing tool. To be able to trend your performance across the LAN, WAN and Cloud, you can plan and budget accordingly. This becomes even more viable because the time you saved from troubleshooting using legacy tools can now be redirected to planning ahead.

Start your Free Trial

If you’d like to learn how LiveAction could help in your organisation, you can get a free 21-day trial. We can integrate and deploy this product for you with no strings attached. If you’d like to learn more about the process please click below.