What Can Datacenter Assurance Do For Us?

In this article we talk about datacenter assurance and why it is great to achieve. ThousandEyes is the key to getting there.

LiveAction – Why We Teamed Up With LiveAction

LiveAction is a network performance monitoring tool that we have deployed for several customers. Here’s why we like it so much.

An Introduction To Cisco Stealthwatch

An introduction to Cisco’s revolutionary new security service, Stealthwatch. This article looks at what Stealthwatch is, what it does, and the potential benefits for your business.

Tesrex awarded with Webex Calling Certification

Tesrex recently became a Cisco Webex Calling partner by gaining our official Cisco Certification. We look forward to helping clients implement this platform.

Cisco Data Center Anywhere – Cisco Live News

Cisco Data Center Anywhere was recently announced at Cisco Live Europe 2019.

Cisco complete acquisition of Duo Security

Cisco recently completed their acquisition of Duo Security, a firm offering unified access security. Read what Duo do and how this merger will help Cisco.

An Introduction to Meraki WiFi

Cisco Meraki WiFi is a fantastic solution offering a 100% cloud managed platform enabling for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility. Read about it here.

Cisco Cloud First Breakfast Briefing

A cloud first strategy has become the standard for many companies. To keep up with the demands of a newer generation of ‘connected’ users, the rate of application development has never been higher. Tesrex & Cisco are hosting a Breakfast Briefing where you have the rare opportunity to get a hands-on interactive experience with the