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Introducing the Cisco Room Kit Mini

  • 16 November, 2018

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Introducing the Cisco Room Kit Mini

Cisco recently announced a brand new product to their collaboration portfolio. Introducing the Cisco Room Kit Mini. As you may be aware, one of Cisco’s most popular products is their Room Kit. This is a device that sits on top of, or below a television screen to transform it into an exciting meeting and presentation screen. These devices were built for large rooms with many participants. The Room Kit Mini is the same device but is built for smaller environments that seat as few as two people.

According to Sri Srinivasan, vice-president of team collaboration group at Cisco, there is currently a 20% year-on-year growth rate in the huddle spaces in offices. He also stated that 78% of employees are still frustrated with their current huddle space solutions. Cisco is hoping that the release of the Room Kit Mini will fulfil these peoples needs.

cisco room kit mini

What the Cisco Room Kit Mini can do

The Room Kit Mini will be Cisco’s cheapest room kit solution perfect for businesses looking for ways to deploy collaboration technology to meeting rooms affordably. Built for spaces that can hold up to five participants, the Room Kit Mini will enable businesses to meet internally or with stakeholders over high definition video and audio.

Similarly to the “normal-sized” Room Kit, the Room Kit Mini will feature a video codec and a camera that will integrate with any 4K high-definition display. With a 120-degree field of vision, you can be sure that everyone in your huddle space can be seen easily. Combined with built-in AI that focusses the camera on whoever is speaking, guarantees a smooth and superior meeting experience. The device also features noise suppression which can detect unwanted background noise and eliminate it, allowing meetings to run without interruption.

cisco room kit mini

By wirelessly sharing documents to the room kit, you will be able to see your content in full 4K resolution on the screen. Any participants in the meeting can also view this and give feedback, which is a valuable tool for collaboration among team members.

As with any of Cisco’s Room Kit solutions, the Room Kit Mini will be hardware-optimised to run on a cloud platform, however still function optimally in on-premises environments. The meeting function of the Room Kit Mini will rely on Cisco Webex, the industry leading meeting solution used by millions across the globe.

The Room Kit Mini is an extremely smart device! As soon as you enter a huddle space, the device will automatically connect to your smartphone and allow you to control it. This reduces a lot of time previously spent trying to synchronise personal devices or plugging laptops in.

A final note

The Room Kit Mini is expected to be available in January 2019. We expect it to be an extremely popular solution given the success of previous room kits and the fact it fills a gap in Cisco’s collaboration portfolio.

The Room Kit Mini is now available to order. Please click here to visit our partner site where you can learn more about the Room Kit Mini or order the device if you wish.

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