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An Introduction to Webex Teams

  • 25 April, 2018

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In recent years, there has been a distinct shift in the global workforce as professionals are becoming increasingly agile and mobile. Organisations have been required to implement collaboration systems that give employees the ability to communicate wherever they are located from any device. For thousands of businesses, the answer to this issue was Cisco Spark. However you may have heard recently that Cisco has moved away from the Spark brand. In an exciting move, they have decided to merge Spark and their renowned meeting platform, Webex, to form Webex Teams! But don’t worry, their extremely popular free trial is still available.

Webex Teams is an always-on, innovative instant messaging service that enables professionals to communicate through a client that is just as fast as the messaging apps everyone uses in their private lives. It is extremely easy to use and navigate, and every message is encrypted and stored securely. As it’s completely hosted in the cloud, implementation is both fast and simple. After you order it, your employees will be reaping all the benefits Webex Teams has to offer in no time!

Webex Teams has a huge number of features available such as messaging, voice and video call, file sharing and group collaboration rooms. Streamline your communication, optimise your efficiency. There isn’t a product on the market that can transform your business collaboration to such an extent as Webex Teams.

Messaging with Webex Teams

The main purpose of Webex Teams is its messaging function. Instant messaging is becoming very popular in professional environments. People now value the efficiency it provides above the formality of an email. Constructing and sending an email takes time. This is because of the common courtesies that have become accustomed to emails such as the intro and the sign-off.

Along with this, most email clients are slow platforms in themselves, which can be partially accredited for the extended time you usually have to spend scanning an email for one nugget of information, or the long delay you’ll often endure when waiting for a reply. Boomerang found that the average email response time was around 23 hours. For an agile business, this isn’t good enough.

That’s where instant messaging comes in. Webex Teams is all about getting things done. Because it’s always-on, you’ll never miss a thing. You can ask and answer questions in a matter of seconds, speeding up decision making hugely. This way you’ll have more time to make things happen.

cisco webex teams screenshot

Another important feature of Webex Teams is message deletion. As it is a messaging client geared for business use, security is of paramount importance. This does not only include protection against cyber criminals. Sometimes messages get sent to the wrong people due to human error which may reveal confidential information. Webex Teams prevents this becoming an issue as it offers users the ability to delete the message from both their own client and the recipient’s.

File Sharing with Webex Teams

Webex Teams allows you to send all types of files quickly to whoever you wish. This makes collaboration a breeze as exchanging documents can be done instantly. Every file you receive is neatly organised and saved right alongside all of your communication, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. There is also a search function available, meaning you can swiftly find any file you ever received at a later date without any effort.

Your files are saved to the same space you work in with your team. Project history and progress is documented and available to everyone in the space.

webex teams file share
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Meeting with Webex Teams

With Webex Teams, you can start a meeting with a single tap! For differing projects you will essentially have different group chats, called Rooms, in which all the relevant people can collaborate and message. Now, anyone in this room can start a meeting whenever they want. Just click one button and anyone who wants to join the voice or video meeting is able to. You can view a list of participants in a call before you join. Within these meeting you can start whiteboarding at any point to better get points across and if you have to move location you can swipe onto a mobile device in an instant while remaining active in the call.

webex board

Businesses will often hold their meetings over Webex due to its group calling functionality. As mentioned previously, the quality of audio and video is extremely high and meetings always go without a hitch.

One of the most popular features within Webex Teams is the meeting recording function. The ability to record and save discussions is perfect for when someone has to miss the meeting or for going back to visit important points. Not many collaboration tools on the market offer this feature.

Webex Teams gives you the ability to screen share. This is a vital function for modern meetings as it ensures all participants are on the same page and can easily keep up with everything being discussed. Professionals love this tool because contextualising their points via voice can be difficult, but with the use of screen share, the process becomes a breeze.

webex teams screenshare screenshot

Security in Webex Teams

Just like any of Cisco’s products, Webex Teams was designed with security at the top of the list of priorities. Everyone knows about the devastation a data breach can cause to businesses and so you can never be safe enough. With Webex Teams you can be assured that your data, files and conversations are protected as it boasts some of the most advanced security in the collaboration industry.

End-to-end encryption

Only your authorised users have access to the server keys containing your encrypted data. And Cisco are the only enterprise messaging service with end-to-end encryption.

Secure search

Cisco built secure search that keeps you protected while still making information findable. Searches are encrypted, keeping search terms and results from hackers, governments, or even from Cisco.

Lock and moderation controls

Keep teamwork private by locking spaces. Only moderators can add people to a space. Spaces with members who are outside your company are marked.

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