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Introduction to Cisco Webex Events

  • 23 July, 2020

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What is Webex Events?

The newest platform to come to the Webex portfolio is Webex Events. This is a great way for businesses to host online webinars, presentations, or events through the Webex Meetings platform. With built-in tools designed to provide a smooth and engaging experience for both the host and attendee, Webex Events could the best choice for you in your new marketing and sales ventures.

Webex Events Features

High-quality presentations

With Webex Events, you can forget about grainy video presentations with poor sound quality. Much like Webex Meetings, Webex Events features industry-leading video quality and AI-enhanced audio so it will feel like you are in the room.

With the ability to hold polls and receive audience questions, holding the attention of attendees has become much easier. Engaging presentations provide results and Webex Events is a great platform to help you achieve this.

Attendees join Webex Events with ease

A key factor in hosting online events and webinars is making the sign-up and joining process simple for attendees. After all, you don’t want to lose a potential customer simply because they can’t work out how to login to the event. The platforms has a built-in process for inviting attendees that streamlines the experience for both host and attendee. The attendee receives an invitation link where they are prompted to fill in some information. The event is then automatically added to their calendar and they will be reminded when it is time to join with a link to the meeting.

You can join a Webex Event from any device you want through the Webex app or your browser. Events can be recorded for future use. In some use cases, hosts of events can even generate revenue by accepting credit card or PayPal payments.

webex events registration

Simplified controls

All of the Webex platforms are built with simplicity in mind so anyone can use it. All the controls that are required to host a smooth event are visible on one screen. There’s no need to go searching through menus to find the button that mutes everyone for example

When the control toolbar is not needed it disappears automatically so you can concentrate on the presentation. As soon as you do need it all you have to do is move your cursor and it reappears. There are also many ways to customise the meeting window to suit how you like to work.

webex events controls

Helpful marketing tools

Within this platform there are many templates and customisable invitations that can support your marketing campaign and get as many people as possible attending your events. You can even encourage registrations with promotional discounts. Follow-ups can be configured to automatically send out to attendees as well as feedback forms when the event finishes. All the data from your events is easily exportable to many CRM systems.

Final note...

As you can see, there are many great features built-in to this new service. The range of possibilities is vast. The types of events that this platform handles are likely to become more commonplace as we come out of lockdown and so it is worth you considering it as an option for your marketing department. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo, please click the button below.

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