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Your customer’s experience is shaped by the interactions they have with your business. Providing smooth and painless journeys are the key to maturing professional relationships and building a reputation for the future. Voice is still the most popular form of communication among customers. Ensuring that your systems are optimised to provide the highest quality of experience is a must.


Cisco has been leading the way in the Contact Centre market for a number of years now due to their extraordinary feature set and unparalleled customer support. UCCX, PCCE and UCCE are the three main Contact Centre solutions offered by Cisco. They are each suited to organisations of varying sizes. We have presented the key aspects of the three solutions to consider in a table.

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Cisco Unified Collaboration Solutions Summary

Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) offering is the most affordable of their portfolio. Its much simpler than the other two packages and can handle up to 400 concurrent users. As well as being cost effective, it is also extremely fast to deploy and depending on requirements, can be up and running within a month of you ordering it. Management is a breeze with UCCX. Everything can be handled through just one app which reduces unnecessary stress when trying to make changes.


Cisco are renowned for there responsiveness and speed to react to their customer’s issues. This package offers omni-channel customer care so you will be getting the very best support available. A typical customer of UCCX is a business involved in customer service. If services performed through the contact centre are critical, such as healthcare, we suggest you take a look at PCCE.

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Supervisor tools.

Sophisticated supervisor tools including workforce optimization and reporting with live data.

Customer journey.

Supports customer journeys using context service for better customer service and agent productivity.

Choice of channels.

Choice of channels for customers: inbound voice, outbound voice, outbound IVR, and digital channels.


Secure platform built on SELinux, is TLS 1.2 ready, and provides advanced threat protection with Cisco Security.

Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE)

Cisco’s Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) is the most favoured contact center in Cisco’s portfolio. PCCE can handle up to 2000 concurrent users. The complexity of setting up PCCE in your environment is greater than UCCX as it is a much more robust platform with a larger feature set available.


One of the benefits of PCCE is its scalability. If your user base grows, you can easily upgrade your service to handle more users. PCCE is most suitable for medium to large businesses who want an uninterrupted 24/7 service for their customers. Due to PCCE’s resiliancy, it is suitable for mission critical applications.

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Comprehensive customer care.

The solution provides self-service interactive voice response (IVR) and multi-channel automated call distribution (ACD), combined with built-in Context Service for simplified customer journey and outbound campaign management.

Easy installation and management.

Packaged CCE is a predesigned deployment model with a smaller hardware footprint. Its simplified management and workflows provide a fast, efficient experience for contact center supervisors and administrators.

Lower integration costs.

Packaged CCE offers an industry standard Task Routing API that enables cost-effective integration with items such as third-party applications, videos, texts, and events from the Internet of Things.

Control of resources.

Define routing based on agent skill groups or on agent attributes with powerful precision routing.

Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) is the most advanced contact center in Cisco’s portfolio. It is designed for multi-national level companies and multi-layered contact centers. It is more difficult to deploy UCCE than the other solutions but this is because there is no real limit to what you can do with it. The amount of concurrent users is essentially unlimited, provided you have the available hardware.

Government departments or large companies with thousands of users would best reap the benefits of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise.

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Match contacts to resources.

Route customers to the most appropriate resource for their needs, anywhere in the enterprise. Handle your requests efficiently and effectively so customers are happy with their experience.

Comprehensive management portal.

The web-based agent desktop allows you to manage customer interactions based on almost any contact attribute. Create comprehensive customer profiles, segment customers, and monitor resource availability.

Powerful APIs for integration

Smoothly integrate inbound and outbound voice applications with Internet applications. These include real-time chat, web collaboration, email, and social media. This integration helps agents support multiple interactions simultaneously.

Multisite contact centres.

Support for distributed deployments with CUCM deployment at customer/remote location. Support for multisite configurations with centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communications Manager clustering over the WAN.

Examples of Contact Centres

UCCX - Retail Business

An online retailer has a customer service team of 60 employees. Rapid growth meant they never implemented a dedicated contact centre as they believed it would require too much time and resources. After exploring several options UCCX was selected as the right solution due to its affordability and rapid deployment. The CEO decided that now was the time to make the investment in a contact centre as customer experiences had been suffering and complaints were being recieved via social media. He was also very pleased with the low price he had to pay. As they took advantage of Cisco’s 0% finance scheme, the business saved a huge amount of money and were able to pay for the solution over a time period that suited them.


There is only one person in charge of managing all 60 call centre staff. Her job before was extremely tough as she had several different tools she needed to use in order to manage all her staff. After the introduction of the UCCX, her job become far easier as she had access to sophisticated supervisor tools including workforce optimization and reporting with live data.

PCCE - Health Sector

A private hospital has a call centre workforce of 400 employees. They have been having several problems with their current contact centre solution with calls being dropped, calls being routed to the wrong person, and on one occasion the system stopped working entirely. The need for a more reliable contact centre was clear. The customer experience was a key factor in the decision of upgrading to Cisco as they have become the most trusted and well regarded for contact centre solutions in the market.


The IT director was advised to choose the PCCE solution after contacting Cisco due to the nature and size of his business. Since deploying PCCE, the company has experienced no major outages and all mission critical services have remained consistant. This was because it offered excellent up-time due to its advanced fail over procedures and capabilities. The skill tree feature also suited the firm’s needs well as when someone called in with a specific issue, they could easily be routed to the member of staff that could best help them based on language and expertise. They have been able to handle a record number of calls since the upgrade and are already looking to upgrade their solution further.

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