Cisco Data Center Enterprise Agreements Introduction

The Cisco Data Center Enterprise Agreement takes the large amount of varied Cisco software that is available to consume in the Data Center estate and collates it into an easily manageable single contract. Data Centers can vary in complexity and as Hybrid Cloud starts becoming commonplace for organisations, the extension of the Data Center and its service into Cloud platforms becomes even more critical. The various licensing models you have to contend with does not make this any easier.

However, the Cisco Data Center Enterprise Agreement gives you flexibility in choosing the way in which you consume your license. Keep it on-premise or take it to the cloud or even bring it back to on-premise. What you do with the license during the 3/5/7 year term of the contract is completely up to you.

Where applicable, none of the licenses are tied down to any specific piece of hardware. Want to replace an existing Spine or Leaf with a newer version? Simply reclaim the license via the license portal and allocate it to the new device.

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Product Eligibility

The entire Cisco Data Center portfolio is eligible to for a single Enterprise Agreement. You need a minimum of two products from the list in any combination that works best for your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this impact my Data Center hardware refresh cycles?

    In short, it simplifies them. For example, you’d have access to both NX-OS and ACI licensing per switch. You decide what architecture works best for and when. Want to run both in parallel? Sure. The Data Center Enterprise Agreement covers all such instances.

  • What if I want to add more products?

    The Data Center Enterprise Agreement gives you the freedom to experiment with the different products within the portfolio without incurring upfront costs. Any products you choose to move forward with, we simply add to the existing contract for the duration of the contract giving you the flexibility to scale your Data Center to your business needs.

  • How does this work with my Hybrid Cloud or Cloud First strategy?

    With ACI on AWS, the Data Center Enterprise Agreement gives you the flexibility of migrating to the cloud while keeping your policy intact between both environments. You can further extend that by having Tetration Analytics in the cloud and on-premise to ensure consistency in performance and security. All of this and more can be wrapped up into a single agreement so you’re not managing costs and agreements all over the place.
    The Cisco Data Center Enterprise Agreement is there to give the utmost flexibility in how your datacenter evolves to match your business needs.

Example of a Data Center Enterprise Agreement

Company-owned data center = 2 locations

Cloud DC = AWS IaaS

Technology stack = 60 switches running NX-05, 1 ACI PoC environment with goals to transition. 80 UCS servers. Tetration on-premise with goals of cloud expansion into AWS.

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How we can help you

Working with us

We work closely with companies to build Cisco Enterprise Agreements that enable our clients to flexibly incorporate new technologies, whilst ensuring peak financial savings. In the last few years, the Enterprise Agreement model has become the strongly favoured option for both vendors and progressive customers.

Our well-defined process enables us to accomplish these tasks in a short time-frame (usually 2-3 weeks), with minimal involvement on your part, reducing interruptions to your productivity. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in Cisco Enterprise Agreements. We are specialists on the topic and would love to discuss them further with you.

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