Cisco Security Enterprise Agreements Introduction

Cisco continues to rapidly expand its security portfolio through organic development and acquisitions. For customers, this creates an expansive set of products that tackle the numerous security challenges we encounter today. However, with every product comes the challenge of understanding its licensing scheme, managing the deployment scale, procurement and lifecycle management. This can create a major barrier to adoption and sometimes can make it hard to decide to move forward.  The Cisco Security Enterprise Agreements were designed specially to address these challenges while reducing the cost of obtaining these platforms. 

The Two Options

There are currently two options available that make it easier for customers to bundle up their favourite Cisco Security products into a single, easy-to-manage contract with predictable costs.

Regardless of the option you choose, you’re still eligible for a 20% free growth factor during the term of your contract. The “True Forward” also applies to either option.

Option One - Security Choice EA 2.0

Security Choice EA 2.0 gives you the flexibility of bundling together three or more Cisco Security products from the product matrix below. You can pick any three you like as long as the total contract value is 250k USD or above. The contract term can be 3 / 5 / 7 years.

Option Two - Security ELA

The Security ELA could also be thought of as the “all you can eat” model and is quite simple. You get untethered access to the entire Cisco suite to use at your discretion. The contract term can be 3, 5 or 7 years and the total contract value must be 1 Million USD or above.

Product Eligibility

The following products are all eligible for both types of Security Enterprise Agreement.

stealthwatch cisco security enterprise agreement
NGFW cisco security enterprise agreement
Next-Gen Firewall
email cisco security enterprise agreement
Email Security
ISE cisco security enterprise agreement
AMP for endpoints cisco security enterprise agreement
AMP for Endpoints
WSA cisco security enterprise agreement
Umbrella cisco security enterprise agreement
Cloudlock cisco security enterprise agreement

Example of a Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement

Security Enterprise Agreement for a Global Healthcare Company

A healthcare company with a global footprint was challenged with trying to organise their licensing, modernise its security footprint and create a global synergy between the team to ensure consistency in policy and execution. Many of the staff were spending a great deal of time sorting through licenses and repeatedly going through lengthy procurement processes. There were also some big concerns about the state of compliance with regards to licenses.  


With a Security Choice EA 2.0, the company was able to finally view all their licensing in a single place, gain an immediate cost savings of 35% over the length of the contract and ensure that their team globally was consuming the necessary licenses in order to execute the defined policy.

cisco security enterprise agreements healthcare

Benefits of a Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement

Financial savings

One of the most attractive benefits of a Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement is the financial savings it brings. With this licensing model, there is a large reduction in cost versus buying perpetual licenses and software support.


The ability to manage all of your licenses under a single contract brings countless benefits. You won’t need dedicated staff/teams that sole responsibility is to manage licenses and everything can be controlled from one centralised dashboard.

Free growth

As with all of Cisco’s Enterprise Agreements, there is a 20% free growth buffer built into the contract. This means that you can increase your Cisco estate by a fifth over your contract period without having to pay a single penny more.

Immediate compliance

Investing in an Enterprise Agreement through Tesrex ensures you can have full confidence that you are fully compliant when it comes to your licensing. We will work with you to verify that you are paying for exactly what you should be. No more, no less.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is three the maximum number of security products you can have in a Security Choice EA 2.0?

    No. Three is the minimum. You can add as many as you like. However, there is a crossover point where the Security ELA makes more sense. We’ll work closely with your team to help align with the best option.

  • Can you mix between firewalls which are device based and email security with is user based?

    The contract as based on the value of the contract, not the type of license in the agreement. This gives the flexibility of being able to combine device license and per user license into a single contract.

  • Will Cisco be adding more products to the matrix? Or removing them?

    Cisco has been rapidly expanding its security footprint in recent years. That was a large motivation to build the Security EA’s. As new products are developed, they will be added to the matrix. Similarly, older products might be removed but there would be an extensive notice time before a product is removed. We step through the roadmap of each platform as part of due diligence with clients to ensure there are no unforeseen issues.

  • What happens to my current licenses?

    All eligible licenses that would be converted under the EA would be rebated on a pro rata bases. At Tesrex, we believe in great transparency thus you’ll be provided with a line-by-line breakdown of each item and its rebate value. Your confidence is critical to us.

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