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One of the most notable management trends over the last few years is a distinct shift from companies to encourage their employees to work remotely. This is because it benefits both employer and employee greatly in terms of efficiency and morale. Very few enjoy travelling for business meetings. Substantial amounts of time and money have to be allocated to making your journey which could be alternatively be used to complete work. Preparing for this concept should be a priority for any organisation who wants to adapt with the times.


The solutions we recommend give you the opportunity to meet with both customers and suppliers without having to leave your office. The quality of collaboration in the products below mean that you can essentially hold more productive meetings virtually than in person because of the tools you have at your disposal. Cisco Telepresence Solutions enable you to meet remotely, almost as if you’re sitting in the same room. With intelligent software possessing high quality video and audio, the days of frustrating video conferencing are a thing of the past.

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Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is the global leader in web and video conferencing. WebEx services scale to your needs, reach wherever you work and provide the platform to grow your business.

There’s never a need to reschedule a staff meeting or delay a presentation with WebEx. Keep moving with free WebEx mobile apps that enable the conversation to go ahead wherever the participants are located. There isn’t a better platform available to host webinars with potential clients or conduct company wide training.

Get together and get things done.

Why WebEx?

Let's WebEx.

See each other with video. Show people what’s on your screen. Make cool stuff together and make things happen.

Remote Working.

Not at your desk right now? Don’t even have a desk? WebEx is your answer to staying in the loop wherever you happen to be.

Grow With Cisco.

Add specialised, best-of-breed products that work great together, so you can, too. Meet online, hold events & webinars, teach or train or offer remote tech support.

Count on Cisco.

WebEx products are delivered over the Cisco WebEx Cloud, a highly available infrastructure purpose-built for real-time web communications.

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Cisco Webex Video

The Webex Teams app on your phone is your passport to being anywhere in the world instantly. Start a meeting from your smartphone, desk, room system, or Cisco Webex Board

High-quality audio and video mean that meetings can be just as smooth and productive as they would in real life. Webex Teams is designed to be compatible with a high number of devices. There is a free version and a paid version which provides additional features to its users.

Why Webex Video?

Change devices, change rooms.

Meeting from your smartphone? Your Webex Teams app gets the picture. As soon as you arrive in your Webex-enabled video conferencing room, swipe and your meeting moves to the big screen without interruption.

Schedule Ahead.

Pull people together more formally with scheduled meetings. Alerts can be enabled making sure no one forgets the time of the discussion.

Meet now.

A lot gets done in spontaneous hallway conversations. Now you can fire one up from anywhere with one tap.

Use on any device.

Webex Teams Video is compatible with a large variety of devices, from macs to PCs, iPads to android phones.

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Cisco Telepresence

For larger businesses, Cisco’s Telepresence portfolio is perfect for creating a professional and highly functional meeting space that enhances collaboration greatly.

Increase engagement with immersive, in-person video experiences to build relationships with customers and suppliers. Cisco Telepresence solutions provide state of the art video calling combined with modern and elegantly designed hardware. Here are a selection of products that are geared towards businesses of varying sizes.

Webex Room Panorama

Fast Installation

The Webex Room Panorama takes half the time to install as other similar, but less sophisticated, products in the market. It only takes two people a matter of days to get your system fully up and running.

Unbelievable Audio.

This machine boasts an audio system that is comparable to one found in a cinema. Whatever you are using your Webex Room Panorama for, the audio will always be perfect.

Multi Screen Display.

The two adjacent screens can be used as an ultra-wide display or separated to show multiple streams at once.

Smart Meetings.

Brings intelligent views to medium- to large-sized rooms with discreet, integrated cameras.

Webex Room Series

Superior video and audio experience.

Whether you’re connecting teams worldwide, or running local meetings with a focus on content, these systems are ideal for team-based collaboration, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and video-centric rooms.

Single and dual-screen options.

The Webex Room 70 Dual offers two 70-inch LED screens, which make it easier to engage people in a video conference and focus on content. The Webex Room 70 is also available with a single 70-inch screen. The Webex Room 55D comes standard with two 55-inch screens.


This feature automatically detects and tracks presenters, following them as they stand up and move about at the front of the room. (Requires an additional Cisco TelePresence Precision 60 Camera and Collaboration Endpoint Software v8.1 or later.)

Powerful cameras.

For most models, you can choose from a 1080p60, 20x, total zoom single camera, or an optional, intelligent, dual-camera, speaker-tracking solution. The Webex Room 70 Dual version is offered with dual cameras only.

DX Series

Business-class HD video at your desk.

Distance is no barrier. Meet with anyone whose device supports the H.264 AVC video standard. Highly secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Intuitive touchscreen.

It’s fully touch-based—like your smartphone—to simplify everything. If you’d like, or if your office environment needs it, plug in a USB wideband audio handset or headset.

All-in-one desktop collaboration.

Clear desktop clutter and get desktop video. Use the 14-inch or 23-inch display as your monitor. Enjoy all-in-one HD video and voice, with unified communications features that can replace your IP phone.

Flexible for different environments.

Home-based workers can connect to colleagues face-to-face with the DX. Bring desktop video to a variety of office spaces: dedicated desks, shared workspaces, and small meeting rooms.

Examples of Meet

Cisco WebEx

A business has been reviewing methods in which they can prevent productivity interruptions during the winter months. When snow falls in their area, half of their staff become unable to commute to work due to icy roads and a lack of public transport. Someone suggested that Cisco WebEx could be their solution.


After they implemented Cisco WebEx they wondered why they hadn’t made the change earlier. Employees were able to collaborate with each other and customers as precisely as if they were in the same room due to the high quality video and audio WebEx provided. The screenshare function made meetings a breeze when employees were stuck at home as ideas could be still be easily explained. The business actually went one step further when they realised the potential of WebEx. They began allowing specific employees to work remotely a few days a week.


This improved workplace efficiency and morale. It also saved on overheads both for the company and the employees in terms of commuting costs. Many staff believed they worked better from home also. When the next winter approached, the stress that management always felt around this time was extinguished because they knew business could go ahead like normal.

Cisco Telepresence

A large multinational bank is looking for a way to host their weekly meetings with the managers at each geographical location without making them travel halfway across the country. They chose to install the IX5000, a well-renowned Cisco Telepresence product, as the IT managers had heard from their contacts at other firms of the success of the product in their own environment.


They installed the IX5000 at their head office and after their first meeting they were convinced they had made the right choice. Due to the size of the screens, the clarity and the unrivalled speaker setup, they really felt as though they were sitting in front of the managers who were hundreds of miles away. The managers couldn’t be happier as they had just skipped their tiresome weekly journey down the country and they knew they could right back to work as soon as the meeting was finished. The company didn’t have to pay for their flights or train tickets either.


The CEO was pleased with their new collaboration room as it allowed him to have professional discussions with large clients without engaging in transatlantic travel. When he met with stakeholders using the IX5000, they were astounded with the highly professional set up. This reflected well on the business.

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The rate of change in the modern technology landscape is greater now than it has been for the last 20+ years. This makes it critical for companies who want to remain competitive to remain flexible in their ability to consume new technologies. The further a company falls behind, the greater the effort required to catch-up to the current benchmark.


We work closely with companies to build platforms and roadmaps. Our solutions maintain a good balance between remaining flexible enough to incorporate new technologies that can advance the business, whilst ensuring that a core focus remains on delivering tangible outcomes.


Throughout the engagement process, we will provide ongoing consultation and feedback that helps determine which technologies to look out for, where they can be a good fit and how they can be incorporated into the environment in question.

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At Tesrex, we take great pride in the quality of our work and we value the satisfaction of our clients above all else. Our highly communicative approach means we will work alongside you every step of the way, crafting a Unified Collaboration Solution that perfectly fits your business needs, both now and into the future. We keep an active dialogue with our customers and we’ll always be available to answer any questions you may have, before, after or during an engagement.

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