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Instant messaging software is rapidly becoming the go-to method for communication. This is because it is indeed ‘instant’. The rate at which business is conducted increases constantly and navigating an email chain takes too long. Instant messaging applications are now ever-present in our personal lives and the need for a Secure Business-Focused Instant Messaging Application is clear.


Cisco’s instant messaging platforms have filled the void in professional environments that opened when people everywhere became accustomed to immediate responses from social media. Implementation of a secure work-focused messaging client has demonstrated huge efficiency improvements within businesses in many differing industries. Each message that is sent is encrypted and stored securely so you can be assured the only people reading the messages are the people you’ve selected.

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Cisco WebEx Teams

Cisco WebEx Teams is a cloud or hybrid cloud based instant messaging app that does so much more. It was created to overcome the challenges that arise when people are collaborating on work from many different locations.

Along with private messaging, you can create rooms for multiple people to share ideas, thoughts and documents so that everyone can stay on the same page as efficiently as possible. Keeping track of everyone’s progress can often be so difficult. WebEx Teams solves this.

Why WebEx Teams?

Leave 'where' behind.

Work together wherever you are, in unlimited rooms that hold all your teamwork. Everything that you share is in one place.

Move fast.

No one’s a bottleneck with WebEx Teams. When a decision is needed, everyone weighs in and your project keeps moving.

Meet now.

Need to talk it through? Video call one person or your whole team. Add WebEx video conferencing for larger meetings.

Count on Cisco.

Just like every product in Cisco’s offering, WebEx Teams is carefully built on Cisco security and reliability.

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Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is an on-premise instant messaging application that means mobility doesn’t have to limit productivity. Cisco Jabber gives you instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence. Although it supports group chats, Jabber is geared towards one to one communication whereas WebEx Teams is extremely team oriented.

Thousands of businesses around the globe utilise Jabber to streamline their communication in a reliable and secure way. Unlike WebEx Teams, Jabber is not based in the cloud but instead runs on premise and therefore requires supporting equipment.

Why Jabber?

Instant message and presence.

Improve productivity. Use real-time presence information and instant messaging to reduce delays. View the availability of contacts within and outside of your organization.

Business-class voice and video.

Communicate clearly. Get secure, reliable communications with Cisco Jabber’s soft-phone features, including HD voice and video, plus desktop sharing.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime

Go where you need to go. When you’re mobile, access all of Cisco Jabber’s features, including video conferencing, with the same ease of use you get on desktop.

Communicate from Microsoft Office.

Keep things simple. Access Cisco Jabber directly from Microsoft Office applications. Just click to initiate chat, voice or video calls, or multiparty conferences.

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Examples of Chat

Cisco WebEx Teams - Mid-Sized Business

An medium sized accountancy firm with around 200 staff is looking to speed up their internal communicative processes. Employees currently use email to interact with their colleagues but many have complained that the rate they receive replies is slowing their productivity as they cannot continue their work without first receiving the critical information.


By implementing Cisco WebEx Teams, the accountancy firm gave their employees the opportunity to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. The ability to send and receive questions instantly to people takes away the need for any formal structuring like we see in emails which in turn saves a great deal of time at both ends of the exchange. WebEx Teams also allowed for greatly improved group collaboration at the accountancy firm. Rather than having to sift through an annoyingly lengthy email chain, group chats are far easier to navigate, allowing members of the group to search for specific messages and see all documents that had been shared in the within the group. This all enables for improved efficiency within the firm, therefore leading to faster turnarounds for customers and an improved reputation.

Cisco Jabber - Large Global Organisation

A large construction company which operates globally with over 10,000 employees wants to implement an instant messaging service that enables fast collaboration between employees who are separated by great geographical distances. Due to the nature of their firm, and other governmental restrictions in some countries they need to host the platform on-premise rather than utilising a public cloud.


Because of their requirements, they chose to introduce Cisco Jabber into their environment. This decision was widely embraced by all of their locations as it allowed employees who were working on site to communicate with their respective offices in a much more efficient manner than they did previously. The high-definition video calling function that Jabber provides gave site managers the opportunity to take their colleagues around site to give visual updates which was impossible while they were purely using email and telephone calls. Jabber was also praised by employees at the firm due to its integration with Microsoft Office applications. With just one click of a person’s email address they were able to collaborate with them using all the great features that Jabber boasts.

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The rate of change in the modern technology landscape is greater now than it has been for the last 20+ years. This makes it critical for companies who want to remain competitive to remain flexible in their ability to consume new technologies. The further a company falls behind, the greater the effort required to catch-up to the current benchmark.


We work closely with companies to build platforms and roadmaps. Our solutions maintain a good balance between remaining flexible enough to incorporate new technologies that can advance the business, whilst ensuring that a core focus remains on delivering tangible outcomes.


Throughout the engagement process, we will provide ongoing consultation and feedback that helps determine which technologies to look out for, where they can be a good fit and how they can be incorporated into the environment in question.

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