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Boosting Business Productivity With A Cisco Webex Board

  • 6 November, 2018

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Boosting business productivity with a Cisco Webex Board

The world is moving faster than ever before. As technology improves, staying ahead of competitors is becoming more important as you can fall behind very quickly. Managers are constantly looking for ways to improve business productivity to combat this and one of the areas that many businesses are focussing on is improving their communication. A great way of doing this is by introducing Cisco Webex Boards.

The Cisco Webex Board is a device with so many possibilities. This article will go into some of the ways it can be utilised in order to streamline communication, stimulate innovation and improve your business productivity.

All meetings are powered by the renowned Webex Backbone

If you’re in the loop with business collaboration then you will likely know that Cisco Webex is the strongest meeting solution currently on the market (Gartner). This is due to its reliability and advanced feature set which make it the powerful solution around. Wherever you happen to be around the world, you can meet with people in such high quality, it’s as if you are in the same room. Well, what’s great about the Webex Board is that it runs Cisco Webex to conduct meetings. With the Webex Board, your meetings are even better!

The boards 4K camera gives a perfect view of all participants in a room and will even track who is talking and show them on the screen. The audio is unrivalled and features background noise cancellation. Let’s say someone is chewing food loudly or a dog is barking outside; The Webex Board will pick up on this and cut the sound out meaning there are fewer distractions and the meeting can go as smoothly as possible. Having a built-in meetings platform like Cisco Webex ensures that issues that would normally arise when communicating with people in other parts of the world are extremely few and far between, meaning employees don’t have to waste part of their day troubleshooting or waiting around.

business productivity webex board

Less hassle in meetings

Wireless presentation is one of the best features of the Cisco Webex Board. When you would present something before you would either have to have your files ready on a USB stick or have an HDMI cable ready to plug into your device. The Webex Board has revolutionised this. Now, from just the swipe of a finger, you can instantly share a document from your device to the Webex Board for anyone in the meeting to see. This is all done through the Webex Teams app.

As soon as you walk into a room with a Webex Board, the Board will instantly pick up on sound waves emitted from your phone and greet you. You will then be prompted to connect to the board if you wish to do so. This will allow you to gain full control of the board through your phone. The ability to do these things speeds up meetings immensely. A considerable amount of time gets wasted in meetings while waiting for someone to set up their presentation, but now that’s gone! You can get the same achieved in half the time, boosting business productivity greatly.

Cut down on travel time

One of the biggest drains on modern business productivity is having to travel far and wide to meet with people. Whether you’re driving, getting the train, or even flying, it wastes a lot of time that could be spent getting work done. Most of the time, your physical presence isn’t even necessary. That’s why the Cisco Webex Board is great. The Webex Board provides an experience that is as close to meeting in real life as you can possibly get (until Star-Warsesque holograms become available).

Because of the ability to meet in such high-quality, long business trips become unnecessary. The benefits of this are great; employees are more productive because they have to travel a lot less, the company saves money on travel costs, and the business can say it’s doing its bit for the environment by creating less pollution. It’s a win-win all around.

Anyone can access notes

When someone has shared a document to the Webex Board, you are able to make annotations to it using the whiteboarding functionality. This allows team members to collaborate easily, explain complex ideas, or highlight parts to be changed. To make things smoother and less time consuming, Cisco save all annotations to the cloud securely and grants the people in the meeting access to these annotations as soon as the meeting has finished. This saves a great deal of time after the meeting as the participants don’t have to sit there and manually send all relevant documents to each person in the meeting. The ability to instantly download the parts you need is an extremely useful tool that we use regularly.

business productivity cisco webex board

Final note

As you can see, the Webex Board is built on two principles; to provide high-quality meeting experiences, and to streamline the processes so the meeting is as productive as possible. We highly recommend the Cisco Webex Board if you are looking for a method to improve the quality of communication at your firm and give a boost to business productivity.

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