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5 New Features of Cisco Webex Teams – June Update

  • 5 June, 2019

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Webex Teams Update - June

The beginning of this month brings us another Webex Teams update. As the only messaging platform we use at Tesrex, we’re always pleased to hear this news as Cisco consistently make our lives easier with the new features they add (the Webex Teams update that brought gifs along was a favourite for a few of our team).

In this article, we’ll dive into 5 of the big new changes of this Teams update and explain how they’ll affect and improve the way you work with Cisco Collaboration.

Create links for meetings and spaces

This is arguably the most interesting new feature in the new Webex Teams update and has a lot of potential for businesses with a strong online presence and digital marketing strategy. Through the use of webexteams protocol handler, you can now embed links for meetings, spaces or messages on your website, email signature, images. There’s a lot of new opportunities!

Think of the links as buttons that launch you straight into a Webex Teams meeting, or places you into a space automatically. This will be very useful for businesses that use this new function properly and we predict there will be a lot of uptake.

To see how this is performed click here.

European data centers

Before this Webex Temas update, the data centers that host and serve every Teams user across the globe were all located in North America. With this update, Cisco has changed this by opening data centers in Europe to host users’ identity information and encryptions keys.

This means that users will have the same great experience with Webex Teams that they have always had, while all the vital information is kept in-region, satisfying data locality needs.

To learn more about this, click here.

webex teams update

Add multiple people to spaces at once

Cisco has made it faster to add multiple people to spaces at once. If you’ve ever been the admin of a large Webex Teams space you will most likely be very happy with this addition.

Before the Webex Teams update, if you wanted to add 10 new people to a discussion/space, you would have to search for them individually and then add them one by one. This wasn’t difficult per se, but it was definitely time-consuming and needed improvement.

And improve it is exactly what Cisco did!

Now you can search for your contacts, select and highlight the ones you wish and then add them all at once! You can do this with up to 50 people at a time. This is a much better way of doing things.


Better contact information

When Cisco announced Cognitive Collaboration, they demonstrated the value of having contextual information about people you are working with or working for. A section of this information will now be available due to this Webex Teams update.

As you can see in the image, Contact Cards now feature a variety of new information on them such as department name, who they report to, their job title, their email and their phone number.

We imagine this to be extremely useful if you work with a lot of different people and occasionally need to refresh your memory of who’s who.

webex teams update contact card

Infinite Whiteboard for Webex Teams

Infinite Whiteboard is already an existing feature on other Cisco Collaboration products but now the functionality is being brought to Webex Teams.

So, what is it? As your whiteboard your ideas for either yourself or for someone else you will inevitably reach the edge of the screen at some point. Infinite Whiteboard prevents this happening by providing you will more canvas to work with which you can scroll across easily.

This makes whiteboarding much simpler as it prevents the need to have multiple different whiteboards if there is a lot of information to articulate/note down.

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