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Webex Teams Update June 2020 – What’s New?

  • 17 June, 2020

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Webex Teams June Update

Cisco Webex Teams is regularly updated to add features, modify the user interface, and generally improve the experience that people have while using the platform. In this article we’ll be taking about what is new in the latest Webex Teams update and explain what some of the new features can do.

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Admin controlled application updates

We are all guilty of delaying updates on some programs but sometimes this can be a real security flaw. In business scenarios, this can be perilous and convincing your employees to perform updates can be tricky. However, you will no longer have to rely on them.

With this new Webex Teams update, administrators can define monthly or quarterly forced updates for all users of Webex Teams in your organisation. These updates will happen as soon as you open your application. This is great for keeping clients up to date across the entire organisation.

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Read receipts changes

Under messages on teams, it shows the profile pictures of the users who have opened and read the latest messages. However, this wasn’t clear to some users of Webex Teams and so Cisco has added the text “Seen by” next to these pictures so that this feature is more clear.

Seen by webex teams update read receipt

Easily re-use old spaces

We collaborate with different teams all the time and we always use Webex Teams spaces as our go-to for organising a project. However often you can become overwhelmed with the number of spaces you are a part of. That’s why this latest Webex Teams update is valuable in this regard.

As of now, when you are trying to create a new space and you have started entering the required people, Webex Teams will automatically show you existing spaces that contain those people. This stops space duplication and prevents a cluttered client. This is a great new feature that will be very handy for organisational purposes.

Emoji reaction changes

With this latest Webex Teams update you can now express your reactions to others’ messages in more ways. If someone sent a funny message you can now react with a “Haha” emoji to let them know you liked their joke. In addition to this, the existing happy emoji becomes the “smile” emoji and the “wow” emoji has replaced the surprised emoji. This is a fun update that people will like.

webex teams update emoji reactions

Coming Webex Teams update

The desktop application for Webex Teams is due to come out next week. This will likely change the user interface somewhat and could add some new features. Subscribe to our blog by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the page so you are notified about the update. See here for Cisco’s list of new changes.

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