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Free Webex Teams – What’s available?

  • 18 May, 2020

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With a huge increase in remote working recently, business-centric instant messaging has become a necessity. Using shadow IT such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger has many potential security flaws. That’s why we recommend Cisco Webex Teams for businesses of all sizes. What’s great is that you don’t have to pay anything to use it. Free Webex Teams comes with an abundance of features that allow you to collaborate instantly with ease.

The basic free Webex Teams features

After you have set up a free account, you can download a desktop client from which you can create places. These are essentially group chats that you can invite your team to. From there you cna message, share files and have meetings. For the best experience with free Webex Teams, consider using the free verison of Webex Meetings also.

  • Read and send messages
  • Share files and whiteboards
  • Create spaces and teams to keep everything organised
  • Meet and call people
  • Record meetings
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Customising your application

There are many ways to make Webex Teams work the way that suits you. These customisable features are built to match your workflow and support your productivity goals.

Sending and recieving messages

To message someone on Webex Teams they will need to have an account. You can easily invite them to do this.

Organise your projects and teams

Teamwork is fully supported on free Webex Teams and effective communication is simple. Cisco have built Webex Teams to be an organisational hub for your ongoing projects.

Sharing content on free Webex Teams

Whether you need to send a powerpoint, a picture, or a video, you cna use free Webex Teams for this. These files are archived in the chat so they can be reaccessed should you the need arise.

Have calls on Webex Teams

You can video call with teams or individuals directly from the Webex Teams app.

The support included

Here are the support options available if you run into any issues while using Webex Teams.

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