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Every Feature Included with the Free Webex Plan

  • 11 May, 2020

Article, Cisco, Unified Collaboration

There has been a huge spike recently in online video conferencing. There have been millions of new people using Cisco Webex every day. You may be one of these new users and you’re probably wondering what features you are eligible to use with your free account. In this article, we’re going to show you all of the features available with your free Webex account.

The basic free Webex features

After you have set up a free account, you will be assigned a host license, a personal room, and a Webex site. Using these you can:

  • Schedule meetings that can last as long as you like
  • Host meetings with up to 100 people
  • Start instant meetings in your personal room
  • Record your meetings
  • Share content and documents
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Scheduling meetings with your free Webex account

Here’s what you can do with a free Webex account when it comes to scheduling meetings. Please note that anyone you invite does not need to download anything and can join from their browser or phone.

Starting and joining meetings

With Cisco Webex, the best way to join meetings is from your desktop or phone browser or on the Cisco Webex app. You also have the ability to call in from a deskphone or mobile if this is required.

Connect to Audio and Video

When you initially join a meeting you will be given the option to connect your audio and video.

Recording meetings with your free Webex account

If you are the host of the meeting you will have the option to record the meeting to listen or watch back at a later date. This is useful if someone cannot attend a meeting.

Sharing documents with people

With your account, you can share documents, pictures, videos or anything you like.

Integrations with other platforms

It’s normal for businesses and people to use a variety of vendors for collaboration. Here are the platforms that are integrated with Webex.

The support included

Here are the support options available if you run into any issues while using Webex.

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