Save Serious Money By Upgrading To PCCE 11.6

With Cisco’s PCCE version 11.5, it was compulsory to purchase the Standard VMware license which is often over £25,000 per UCS server. However, now you can save money with Cisco PCCE 11.6.

An Introduction To Cisco Umbrella

Read our introduction to Cisco Umbrella, its functions, and how you can utilise its free 14 day trial.

Cisco Cloud First Breakfast Briefing

A cloud first strategy has become the standard for many companies. To keep up with the demands of a newer generation of ‘connected’ users, the rate of application development has never been higher. Tesrex & Cisco are hosting a Breakfast Briefing where you have the rare opportunity to get a hands-on interactive experience with the

5 Stages Of A Malware Attack

Do you know the stages hackers go through when performing a cyber attack? Learn more about them here.

Application-Layer Gateway Breaking A Transfer Zone

I was tasked with performing a DNS Transfer Zone through a Cisco SOHO (877) router. However I ran into problem during my work relate to application-layer gateway.

4 Things We Learned About Cyber Crime In 2017

2017 was a huge year for both cyber crime and cyber security. We’ve listed four of the major learning points we can take from last year so we can be better prepared for the future.

CUBE SIP Integration: The Challenge I Had With A UK Service Provider!

The Challenge   I was asked to integrate a CUBE gateway with a UK Service Provider using SIP. Considering a CUBE SIP integration was a task I had performed many times with service providers in the US, I thought it would be a walk in the park. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Cisco AMP – An Introduction Into Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection Platform

In 2017, hearing about well-known, global organisations falling victim to largescale cyber-attacks became a daily occurrence. Cisco AMP is the new way to prevent such disasters.