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How to save money on Cisco SMARTnet

  • 2 May, 2022

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When we engage a new customer with the Tesrex Review & Renew service, the most common question asked is how can they save money on Cisco SMARTnet?

Let’s simplify this with an analogy. Imagine buying lunch for your family, it’s easy enough. You know their preferences. Now imagine having to cater lunch for 1000 people with different nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, etc. This is an almost impossible task to achieve alone.

This is the situation businesses find themselves in when it comes to hardware support. As they grow, they acquire more and more hardware across different sites and regions until they can no longer track what and what isn’t supported and if they are paying too much.

This vast expanse leads to a few headaches as you have to contend varying discounts, start dates, end dates, costs, currency, types of coverage and end of life dates. All these factors need to be considered when thinking through budgeting and renewals. We typically see companies spending hundreds of hours per year just dealing with fragmented renewals. A way they could avoid this is by using a good IT Asset Management tool to keep track of everything. For Cisco estates, we always recommend Acela.

Having thousands of stacks of contracts is unmanageable and impractical. But there is a solution!

save money on cisco smartnet

Tesrex can help you save money on Cisco SMARTnet

The easiest way to save money on Cisco SMARTnet is with the Tesrex Review & Renew service. Our team of experts will consolidate all these devices, coverages level, dates and other factors into a single master contract or per regional options (based on customer preference). This consolidation nets anywhere from a 20-35% cost savings over the ad hoc model and gives you price protection when adding new devices into the contract over its life.

The new contract also rebates any unused coverage from existing models so there’s no ‘loss’ experienced by the customer or any sort of double pay. This avoids having to wait for the perfect time. The whole process takes only 2 weeks and you’ll have clear options on the best way to move forward. Once the contract is live, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you received the best price and every single piece of equipment is covered under a single contract that’s easy to manage going forward.

Learn more about the Tesrex Review & Renew process.

save money on cisco smartnet

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