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Save Serious Money By Upgrading To PCCE 11.6

  • 2 February, 2018

Article, Cisco, Unified Collaboration

What Is PCCE?


Cisco’s Packaged Contact Centre Enterprise (Packaged CCE) is a Contact Centre omni-channel solution that supports businesses with 2,000 or fewer agents. It helps you deliver a connected digital experience to your customers with all the same features as Unified Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE). PCCE sits in the middle of the UCCX (Unified Contact Centre Express) with a max support of up to 400 agents and UCCE (Unified Contact Centre Enterprise) with a max support of 12000 agents.

You can see a Cisco created introduction video to PCCE here:

The Opportunity For You!


With Cisco’s PCCE version 11.5, it was compulsory to purchase the Standard VMware license which is often over £25,000 per UCS server. However, now you can save money with Cisco PCCE 11.6. Just a few months ago, Cisco released the PCCE 11.6. Alongside this emergence, they also announced that you no longer need to purchase the expensive Standard Licenses, the foundation licenses are adequate enough. This could reduce your business’ spending on VMware licensing per UCS server by over 50% in some cases, a saving no one would turn down.

If you are interested in this saving and think an upgrade to PCCE 11.6 would be beneficial to your business then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to have a conversation with you and answer any questions you may have.

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Dylan James is a Senior Collaboration Architect at Tesrex. He is a CCIE qualified engineer with an IT career spanning over 11 years. He specialises in Collaboration, Mobility and Remote Access.