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Cisco and Microsoft are working together to improve meetings

  • 7 January, 2020

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Many trends come about in the tech industry due to how fast-paced it is. Some are good, some are bad, some die off, and some stick around! One of the trends we hope sticks around is main vendors working together to improve customer experience instead of competing with one another at the expense of functionality. That’s why this recent project between Cisco and Microsoft is so exciting. Two of the leading collaboration vendors have come together to integrate their collaboration tools to work symbiotically. 

So what have Cisco and Microsoft done?

The people at Cisco and Microsoft have sat down and realised that it’s inevitable that some businesses will prefer Webex Teams and others may prefer Microsoft Teams. However currently, this prevents each business using the video conferencing devices from the other vendor.

This can result in a lot of frustration in customers when all the tools needed to collaborate are there, but they can’t (or won’t) work with each other. So, Cisco and Microsoft have decided to change this!

From early 2020, for the first time, you will be able to join a Cisco Webex Meeting from a Microsoft Teams room and join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Cisco Webex Room device!

So what does this mean?

Often, new integrations will only benefit a small group of companies, however, this integration will be welcomed with opened arms by thousands of businesses across the globe who use both Cisco and Microsoft. This change is likely to increase the productivity of a huge number of employees.

Also, this gives more flexibility when it comes to the acquisition of new collaboration tools. Cisco’s hugely popular Webex Room devices and Webex Boards are now an option for organisations that are heavily Microsoft-centric.

This change is extremely beneficial to customers and we look forward to more integrations like this in the future!

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