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Cisco Collaboration Upgrade Service

  • 10 April, 2022

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Fixed Cost Cisco Collaboration Upgrade

Tesrex has just launched a new Fixed Cost Cisco Collaboration Upgrade service. Enabling businesses large and small to action important upgrades with minimal internal impact. Upgrading unified collaboration platforms is an important and often complex task, particularly for over-worked IT teams, where expertise may be stretched and keeping the business running may be consuming all available hours. By using our service, you can ensure that all upgrades are carried out by experienced professionals, quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact to your business.

Many businesses end up falling behind on upgrades, missing out on useful new features, bug fixes and security upgrades. Our service is there to ensure you stay up to date for a predictable cost.

However, sometimes the work or expertise required is too much for businesses. Their platforms inevitably fall behind.

Why use our Fixed Cost Cisco UC Upgrade service?

Enable new features

Cisco regularly releases new features to improve your experience. Without upgrading, you will not benefit from these.

Benefit from bug fixes

Technology platforms will inevitably have small bugs. These are regularly fixed but you will have to upgrade for the fixes to work.

Latest security updates

As security threats evolve, security patches are pushed out to prevent them. It’s very important to stay on top of this.

Minimise upgrade disruption

By using our expert team, you can rest assured that the upgrade will be done quickly and efficiently to prevent disruption.

Focus on your key tasks

Our service allows you to upgrade your platforms with minimal effort from your team. This means they can continue to focus on their usual tasks.

No hidden fees

Our pricing is clear and the fixed cost approach means there are no hidden fees that will be presented later.

What's included?

We offer a clear scope for this product to match our fixed cost pricing. You can see the platforms that are included below:

  • 1x Cisco UC Manager Server
  • 1x Cisco Unity Server
  • 1x IM&P Server
  • 1x Expressway Core
  • 1x Expressway Edge
  • Testing & validation
  • Cutover
  • 48hr post cutover support

The upgrade is carried out by our experienced collaboration engineers and takes place remotely. All scheduling and cutovers will be arranged to suit your business needs.

This is an out of the box service which is appropriate for most businesses, if you have different requirements we can build a customised scope to deliver a result tailored to your business.

The fixed cost price of this engagement is based on the size of your organisation. If you would like to find out how much this service would cost for you, please view our pricing sheet.

If you are interested in talking to us about upgrading your Cisco UC platforms, you can reach out to us today.