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Cisco Collaboration Roadmap 2020

  • 8 June, 2020

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Introduction to the Cisco Collaboration Roadmap

The Cisco Collaboration roadmap strategy for the next six months is all about developing the Webex stack even further. This will allow Webex to be the connective tissue, the single cloud platform that connects the entire Collaboration Stack. The primary goal is to further enhance employee productivity whilst working from home or telecommuting. Working from home will be just as effective as being located in the office, so users can do work at full potential across both environments.

The main theme Cisco has focused on is delivering in a single, well-integrated solution that provides a consistent experience in both environments so users can work across all devices with a single app that can be configured to meet any end-user workstyle or requirement. With all these new enhancements, users can now utilise Webex Teams for all Messaging, Meetings, Calling and Device control.

The focus of the Cisco Collaboration Roadmap 2020

  • Microsoft devices joining Webex Meetings
  • Microsoft Teams and Slack Calling support
  • Improved audio quality enhancements for noisy environments, keyboard typing, background noise, white noise etc.
  • Lower application CPU requirements to support any mobile devices
  • Increase emergency capacity expansions for COVID-19 Response
  • Increase Webex Edge Connect to support more Service providers globally
  • Users can create their digital signage via their personal app space not just as administrators at the organisational level
  • Ability to create 5-star rating prompts for meetings, training sessions etc.
  • Support background image blur in video meetings to hide employees house environments
cisco collaboration roadmap background blur webex
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  • Far end remote party camera control
  • Wireless screen sharing support for 30 frames per second with embedded audio.
  • WebRTC and HTML 5 support for meetings in Browsers
  • Ability to reboot any device from the Admin Control Hub, and not have to do it from the web admin every time.
  • Download device-specific logs from the Webex Control Hub without having to log into the device.
  • Convert full cloud calling using a single click
  • Faster Mobile parity when editing and updating messages on different devices
  • Biometric Face ID for signing in
  • Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams federation support
cisco collaboration roadmap skype microsoft teams
  • Multi-Line Support for Webex calling
  • Cisco MPP Multiplatform Firmware support for 6861, 6871
  • Native Support for Toll-Free numbers (US) in the dial plan
  • TLS Encryption support for Microsoft SQLServer Database Connections
  • Web SDK support for mobile browsers and Messaging APIs support Message threading
  • Java and JS SDK Widget support
  • Meetings APIs support, REST API for pre-meeting functionality
  • Wider variety of Bot support using Bots Enhanced with Buttons and Cards, with ServiceNow, Google Tasks, Smartsheet, RSS, Jira Server, Asana, Confluence, Github, Aha, Zendesk, Bitbucket, Jenkins, PagerDuty, Zoho CRM, DocuSign, SurveyMonkey, Twitter, AppDynamics etc.
  • New bespoke hardware phones being developed such as the Webex Room Phone.
cisco collaboration roadmap webex phone room
  • CMS server can now be deployed using a simple wizard
  • Webex Contact Center support for VAR’s to onboard customers
  • Cisco Call Manager CUCM 14.X release, with the arrival of Web-based RTMT, O365 oAuth not just LDAP, fully cloud-connected/enabled PSTN support
  • Unity Connection 14.X support transcription services 2048/4096 bit keys support
  • CUBE support for ISR4461 routers

Final note...

Every minute of every day, millions of people rely on Webex to collaborate with their teams, partners, and customers. 95% of fortune 500 companies use Webex, 200 million active users daily, 500 million meetings hosted annually, 100 million voice and video endpoints shipped yearly the list goes on. There are many cloud services out there that don’t cover all the aspects of collaboration, however, with Webex, every collaborative need is catered for. Please click here to see the relevant Gartner report findings.

We can’t wait for the plans in this Cisco Collaboration Roadmap to materialise as the year unfolds. To get the latest on Cisco Collaboration, click here.

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