Introduction to the Cisco Webex Portfolio

When it comes to collaboration, Cisco is one of the favourites for businesses of all sizes. Widely regarded as one of the most forward-thinking collaboration brands, Webex is your one-stop shop for modern business communication. Whether you need a meeting platform, instant messaging, calling, or video devices, you can find what you need within the Webex portfolio.

On this page, we give a brief explanation of each of the components that make up the Webex portfolio. If you would like more context on a certain part, a button will take you to a page with more information.

Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is a cloud based meeting host that allows people to talk over high-quality audio and video. Cisco Webex Meetings has over 320 million meeting attendees every month. It’s used by many of the largest corporations around the world to host their virtual meetings with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

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There’s never a need to reschedule a staff meeting or delay a presentation with Webex. Keep moving with free Webex mobile apps that enable the conversation to go ahead wherever the participants are located. There isn’t a better platform available to host webinars with potential clients or conduct company wide training.

Webex Teams

Webex Teams is Cisco’s answer to secure business instant messaging. You can send messages, ask questions, deliver files, and annotate ideas at the press of a button!

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Webex Teams is essentially the WhatsApp for business. It functions almost identically (with some additional features) but is protected from security threats. If you want to encourage productivity within your business then Webex Teams is a great option.

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Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a cloud based phone system designed for mid-sized businesses.It features all the usual features you would expect from a phone system but eliminates the managerial complexity an on premise system presents.

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Cisco manage the Webex Calling cloud so you don’t need to worry about security or ensuring everything is functioning correctly on the back end. Webex Calling also allows you to install an app on any device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) so you can essentially use your desk-phone wherever you are located.

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Webex Video Devices

The Webex collaboration portfolio also offers a large variety of video devices that integrates the powerful Webex software with state-of-the-art hardware. Each device is designed with a different use case in mind. Because of this there is an appropriate Webex device for any room in your building or for working from home.

Webex Room Kit Series

The Webex Room kit series is built for smaller conference rooms or huddle spaces. There are several different sized models available ranging from the Room Kit Mini to the Room Kit Pro.

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Webex Board Series

The Webex Board series consists of 55″, 70″ and 85″ options. They are interactive whiteboards which can be used for 4K video conferencing and integrate with both Webex Meetings and Teams.

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Webex Desk Pro

The Webex Desk Pro is a video conferencing device designed to sit on top of a desk. It’s a fantastic tool for people who regularly join video meetings from either the office or from home.

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Webex Room Panorama

This option is the most premium in the Webex portfolio. The Webex room panorama is geared for larger conference rooms. The multi screen display provides the ultimate virtual meeting experience.

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