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Enabling Cisco Webex Video Integration for Microsoft Teams (VIMT)

  • 17 September, 2021

Article, Cisco, Unified Collaboration, Videos

This video and article are a showcase of how we integrate Cisco Webex Video and Microsoft Teams. This allows users to join Microsoft Teams meetings. Please note that this is not a tutorial as different organisations require different Powershell commands. For assistance in enabling the VIMT integration for your Webex Video devices, please click here and we will be more than happy to help you.

How we enable the VIMT integration

Step 1 - Verify Licenses

The first step we take is to ensure that the correct licenses have been provisioned after we place our order. The two Cisco licenses required are:

A-FLEX-C-DEVICE – Cisco Webex Device Cloud Subscription (Annual Subscription)

A-MST-CVI-ROOMS – Cisco Webex Video Int for MS Teams CVI – Per Active Endpoint (Annual License Cost)

Step 2 - Check URLs

We next check that our SIP address for our Webex Domain is correct. In the Webex portal, we make sure that both “” and “” URLs are visible. If they are not then we edit subdomains and add them.

Step 3 - Start the integration

Now from the Webex Control Hub, we can start the integration. We select setup VIMT and enter the O365 credentials. Then we are presented with two dialog boxes which we copy to our notepad.

Step 4 - Configure Powershell

This step will not be explained in detail as it differs for each organisation. If you would like assistance, please click here to contact us.

Step 5 - Confirm the VIMT integration

Now all we must do is verify that the integration was successful. When we click on VIMT in the Webex Control Hub, it should now say operational.

Let us perform the integration for you

We offer a fixed cost service where an expert will set you up on Webex Cloud and natively integrate Webex with 3rd Party Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google and Zoom. Find out more.

Reach out to us

If you have any questions or would like our assistance in performing this integration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Alternatively, you can contact Dylan on LinkedIn with a question if you prefer.