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Stealthwatch has a new name! Introducing Secure Network Analytics

  • 19 May, 2021

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Stealthwatch rebranding

As part of an ongoing rebranding effort, Cisco has recently rebranded its Stealthwatch suite of network monitoring platforms. The Stealthwatch name has been replaced by Secure Network Analytics, with corresponding changes to the different platforms that make up the Secure Network Analytics offering. Let’s take a look at how the Stealthwatch branding has affected the names of the different services.

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stealthwatch rebranding secure network analytics

Stealthwatch Enterprise

Stealthwatch Enterprise, Cisco’s on-premise security monitoring solution, is now known as Secure Network Analytics. Secure Network Analytics uses collected network traffic metadata (such as NetFlow) to build a comprehensive picture of who is connected to the enterprise network and what they are doing. This allows organisations to:

  • Audit and verify existing security policies – by comparing observed traffic flows with intended flows, the effectiveness of implemented security policies can be identified and gaps in the current policy made visible
  • Identify breaches that have evaded traditional controls – over time, Secure Network Analytics builds a baseline of expected traffic patterns. Anomalies caused by a device compromise can therefore be highlighted, and the time to detect a breach
  • Identify communication with hostile actors in near real-time – backed by Cisco’s security intelligence team Talos, observed traffic flows can be identified as threats as they happen, potentially reducing the time to remediate greatly
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Stealthwatch Cloud

Stealthwatch Cloud, Cisco’s public cloud monitoring solution, is now known as Secure Cloud Analytics. Secure Cloud Analytics integrates with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform native telemetry to dynamically determine the role of each workload in an organisation’s public cloud. This allows organisations to:

  • Detect changes in data transmission patterns
  • Detect connections to suspicious destinations
  • Detect potential data exfiltration
  • Build a traffic profile to understand cloud bandwidth usage

Stealthwatch Cloud Private Monitoring, Cisco’s SaaS security monitoring solution, is now known as Secure Network Analytics SaaS. Similar to Cisco’s on-premise offering, this allows ingestion of enterprise network metadata into the Secure Network Analytics Cloud platform for analysis and reporting, with the benefit of a greatly reduced on-premise footprint.

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