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Stealthwatch 7.x Updates

  • 25 June, 2020

Article, Cisco, Security

Cisco’s network visibility and monitoring platform, Cisco Stealthwatch, continues to evolve since its 7.0 release. At the time of writing, the latest and recommended release is version Cisco Stealthwatch 7.2.1. In this article we are going through some of the biggest changes to the security platform in the Stealthwatch 7.x releases.

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New Stealthwatch 7.x Features

  • (Stealthwatch 7.2.1) Support for Stealthwatch event integration with Cisco’s SecureX security correlation and integration platform. See here.
  • (Stealthwatch 7.2) Licensing has been migrated to the Cisco Smart Licensing platform. Any existing PAK-based licenses will need to be converted to Smart Licenses as part of any upgrade to version 7.2 and above. If you are unfamiliar with Cisco Smart Licensing, check out our article. See here.
  • (Stealthwatch 7.2) The majority of user and role management functions have been migrated from the legacy desktop client to the Stealthwatch Web Interface. Expect to see further functionality migrated away from the legacy desktop client as Cisco continues to work on moving operations to the Web UI
  • (Stealthwatch 7.2) The SOAP API suite is being deprecated in favour of a more standardised REST API suite. Customers using the SOAP APIs in previous versions should carefully examine the Stealthwatch API documentation to see if APIs they are currently using have been migrated. See here.
  • (Stealthwatch 7.1) Support for Stealthwatch event integration with Cisco Threat Response, Cisco’s security event investigation platform. See here.
  • (Stealthwatch 7.1) Support for TACACS+ for user authentication and authorisation on the Stealthwatch web interface

Final note...

Cisco Stealthwatch 7.x brings some great additions to an already robust platform. It’s great to see that Cisco have continued to improve Stealthwatch after they acquired the product a few years ago. Cisco Stealthwatch provides great value when it comes to securing your network and we highly recommend it to our enterprise customers.  

For more information on Cisco Stealthwatch, see here. 

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