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An Introduction to the Cisco Webex Room Phone

  • 1 July, 2020

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What is the Cisco Webex Room Phone

The latest addition to the Cisco Webex Room portfolio is a big one! Introducing the Cisco Webex Room Phone. The Webex Room Phone is a conference phone that is designed for modern, collaborative meetings. This sleekly designed device comes at a time where teams across the globe are divided between their homes and the office; a time where conference calling is more prominent than ever.

At the time of writing, this device has only just become available in the UK. Click here to have a discussion with Tesrex about the Webex Room Phone.

webex room phone

What are the features of the Webex Room Phone?

Perfect audio quality

The Webex Room Phone shares the same high level of specifications the rest of the Webex Room portfolio boast, which means your audio experience will always be optimal. You can find the exact audio specs further down in this article. A great feature of this smart conference phone is acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction. This automatically removes distracting noises during meetings such as typing or chewing sounds.

Join meetings with ease

With this device, you can see the room calendar which shows upcoming meetings and who is going to be using the room at a certain time. If it’s time to join your meeting all you have to do is join via the Webex button. You can also use zero-touch joining because of the proximity pairing ability your Webex apps use to welcome you to a room.

Free Cisco Licensing Cheat Sheet

Smart content sharing

From the Webex Room Phone, you can share content to a television screen. This has many different use cases. The phone has an HDMI-out port that connects to any HD display. If you are presenting a PowerPoint during a conference call, share it straight to the screen for everyone else in the room to see. The other people on the call will be able to see it through their Webex client.

This feature can also be used for digital signage when meetings are not happening.

webex room phone content sharing
webex room phone content sharing

Flexible deployment

The Webex Room Phone has a number of different deployment options. You can easily protect your on-premises investments by combining cloud and on-prem features. It’s up to you how it’s configured. Route meetings to the cloud and calls through on-prem call-control, or you might prefer to keep all media and calls on-prem and consume features. There are many different options to suit your preferences and compliance needs.

Easy to use

Simplicity is the key to the Webex brand. Cisco has designed all the Webex platforms to be intuitive and easy to use for even the less tech-savvy people. A 6-inch HD touchscreen allows you to call someone, access your meetings, see contacts list and content with ease. Using the Webex Room Phone is an extenuation of using Webex. The UI is extremely similar providing the seamless experience that is so important when deploying collaboration.

using a webex room phone

Webex Room Phone specifications

Here are some of the key specifications of the Webex Room Phone. To see the full data sheet, click here.

Specification Description
Software Novum OS
Display 6-inch 1080p full HD touch
Video Inputs One HDMI input supports up to 1080p30
Video Outputs One HDMI output supports up to 1080p30
Audio OPUS, G.722, G.729a/ab, and G.711 (u/a), L16
Automatic gain control
Comfort noise generation
Silence suppression/voice activity detection
Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
Audio Inputs 4 built-in microphones and up to 2 external wired microphones, one HDMI input
Speakers 2 speakers (woofer and tweeter)
High-quality 22-kHz speaker
Maximum adjustable volume: 89 dB within 0.5 m
Wireless Sharing Cisco Webex Teams™ and Meetings App (up to 1080p15)
Protocols SIP
Cisco Webex
Security Features Secure credential storage
Image authentication
Random bit generation
Manufacturer-Installed Certificates (MICs)
Secure boot
SHA-256 enabled for advanced security features
Signaling authentication and encryption using TLS v1.2
Media authentication and encryption using Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

FInal note...

We’re excited to get out hands on the Webex Room Phone when it is released in the UK. It has some great features and many possible use cases in the new working environment businesses have to prepare for in 2020. The Webex Room Phone integrates perfectly with the rest of the Webex portfolio and can be deployed seamlessly for existing Webex Customers.

If you’re interested in the Webex Room Phone and would like to have a discussion about it with a collaboration specialist, click here.