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Cisco Acquires Advanced Networking Innovators, Exablaze

  • 1 April, 2020

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Cisco recently acquired Australia- based designer and manufacturer of advanced network devices, Exablaze. Some business environments such as trading, require an extremely responsive network and through their in house innovation, this is what Exablaze can offer.

Cisco are working to smoothly transition the Exablaze engineering team to become fully integrated with their own. The goal is to continue to focus on innovative solutions for low-latency data centre applications and advanced time stamping mechanisms.

Who are Exablaze?

Exablaze was founded in Australia, 2013 by Greg Robinson and Ian Heddle. They do business globally with offices in Sydney, New York, London and Shanghai. They mainly build FPGA-based network devices which are designed for a diverse range of applications in telecommunications, financial trading, high-performance computing and data centers.

The exceptional in-house innovation that comes out of Exablaze is a result of their carefully selected engineering team that produce solutions to help clients unlock ultra-low-latency performance.

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The impact on Cisco's networking solutions

Cisco want to take the award-winning team of engineers at Exablaze and integrate into their own organisation. Cisco funding will provide a great base from which the team can continue to innovate.

Technology from Exablaze complements Cisco’s existing networking portfolio and will further improve the experience and capabilities that Cisco networks already offer to customers. Exablaze will also drive forward Cisco’s Intent-Based networking strategy. This is where Cisco want to enable networking and security at large scale and powered by analytics.

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