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Volunteering Support To Our NHS

  • 18 March, 2020

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We want to help the Healthcare Industry

Our country and the NHS is potentially facing the biggest challenge we have ever had to deal with in our lifetimes. COVID-19 doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon and resources are already becoming stretched across the nation. Over the past week we’ve been working closely with our existing NHS & Healthcare customers to provide additional support during current events.

From today, we’d like to extend the offer of technical assistance to all NHS and Healthcare organisations nationwide. All of our spare technical & engineering resources will be available to assist NHS & Healthcare organisations to help ensure our NHS continues to give the world class healthcare it is famous for during this unprecedented crisis.

All assistance we can provide will be offered on a pro-bono basis. 

We have advanced expertise within Collaboration, Security, Data Center, and Enterprise Networking.

Please reach out to us

If you are a part of the NHS or wider healthcare industry and would like fast professional help from our engineering team on any technical issue you have, please reach out.

We can’t help people get better, but we want to help the people that can.

We have many ongoing engagements with NHS trusts & NHS partners and will be continuing to support them during this time.

Here are some areas that we can volunteer to help you with:

VPN Capacity Planning

We can review your network to determine the capacity limitations of your remote workers.

Remote collaboration

We can provide guidance on enabling non-medical staff to work remotely to appease quarantine procedures through secure instant messaging and video meetings.

VPN Secure Access

We can check that your remote access is following best security practices and ensure bigger problems will not arise during this crucial time.

Cloud Connectivity

We are able to provide feedback and expertise on how to most effectively manage bandwidth for cloud access.

Cloud Expansion

We can review your situation to gauge which services and applications could be expanded to the cloud quickly to provide more headroom.

Please share this message

The way to overcome the threat of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is to work together. We have the fondest appreciation to healthcare professionals throughout the world battling this pandemic and we want to help the healthcare industry in any way we can to beat this virus. We ask you to share this information with anyone relevant in the NHS or healthcare so we can help as many trusts as we can.

In the coming weeks those on the front lines of healthcare will be facing a tremendous challenge, we must all do what we can to enable them to save lives.